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Toxics: Your Right to Know


Image shared by zhouxaun12345678 under a Creative Commons license.

Amanda Euringer's reader-funded, five-part series looks at how we are changing our environment through chemicals that have become commonplace in both consumer and industrial products, and offers an action-oriented solution based on labour laws that have been in place since the mid-'90s. This series is funded by those who gave to the Tyee Solutions Reporting Fellowship Fund.

In This Series


Mae Burrows

Learn What's in Our Chemical Soup

If you can, that is. Our label laws are little help. But there are ways to know, and act.

By Amanda Euringer, 13 Jul 2009


Amanda Euringer

'Toxics: Your Right to Know'

Amanda Euringer found out how to fight for health safety, thanks to you who funded her journey.

By David Beers, 13 Jul 2009


Sick Girl

Toxic Work: Know Your Rights

Worried your job makes you sick? You have the right to stop and help fix the problem. Second in a reader-funded series.

By Amanda Euringer, 15 Jul 2009


Mike Smith

They Geared Up to Fight Pollution

How transit mechanics united to demand cleaner air. Third in a reader-funded series.

By Amanda Euringer, 17 Jul 2009


Scott Stove

Learn from a Pro at Non-Toxic Cleaning

Scott Stove, veteran custodian for Burnaby schools, is a student of dangerous chemicals. Fourth in a reader-funded series.

By Amanda Euringer, 20 Jul 2009



Six Steps to Victory over Toxins

You've seen how others used their rights to win safer environments. You can, too. Last in a reader-funded series.

By Amanda Euringer, 23 Jul 2009