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Rough Weather Ahead

Rough Weather Ahead

In this special series funded by a Tyee Fellowship for Investigative Reporting, veteran science journalist Chris Wood reports on how global warming threatens to harm British Columbia's environment, economy and way of life -- and what can be done to minimize the damage.

Tyee Fellowships for Investigative and Solutions-oriented Reporting are supported by donations from Tyee readers and intended to support independent journalism to educate the public about critical issues facing British Columbia. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation, please go here.

In This Series


Fraser River

Fraser River Will Surge over Dikes, Experts Find

Study predicts 'multiple dike failures.' But government has cut warning system.

By Chris Wood, 10 Aug 2006



The Coming Catastrophe

Fail to fortify Fraser dikes, and BC could wake up to a weather nightmare.

By Chris Wood, 10 Aug 2006


Chris Wood

'Rough Weather Ahead': A Reader-funded Exposé

You who gave made possible Chris Wood's powerful series on global warming and BC.

By David Beers, 10 Aug 2006


Mud Pond

Drying up the Okanagan

Thirsty region is 'canary in coal mine' for BC and water.

By Chris Wood, 17 Aug 2006



Pumping Blind

Experts say we're recklessly draining BC's groundwater, heedless of global warming.

By Chris Wood, 24 Aug 2006



Global Warming's Threat to BC: Seeking Solutions

Floods and droughts on the radar. Can we adapt?

By Chris Wood, 31 Aug 2006