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How Do You Read Your Books?

Tyee staff are big on books and we know our readers are too.

It’s why we interview thinkers and writers — of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and ideas — and share book excerpts.

It’s also why we publish various reading lists every year recommending our favourite books for readers to look out for. We just published our holiday edition.

Books are powerful, and so are the ideas of people who read. But one thing about living in 2023 — in this golden era of technological innovation — is that there isn’t just one way to read a book.

From those who love the feeling of holding a novel in their hands to those who prefer the ease and readability of electronic devices, no one person reads the same. Reading habits are likely as unique and variable and uncountable as sands on a beach.

We got curious about how Tyee readers, who we know value books, actually engage with their favourite authors. With this in mind, we want to ask:

How do you read your books?

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