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William E. Rees

William E. Rees is an ecologist and ecological economist at UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning.

Stories by William E. Rees


Why the ‘Housing Crisis’ Is Really About Globalization

Free-flowing capital breaks the link between prices and local incomes — and most of us are shut out.

By William E. Rees, 18 Jan 2018


What, Me Worry? Humans Are Blind to Imminent Environmental Collapse

Accelerating biodiversity loss may turn out to be the sleeper issue of the century.

By William E. Rees, 16 Nov 2017


Staving Off the Coming Global Collapse

‘Overshoot’ is when a species uses resources faster than can be replenished. We’re already there. And show no signs of changing.

By William E. Rees, 17 Jul 2017


Is Canada Criminally Negligent on Climate Policy?

A leading environmental scientist says it is time for the international law to target climate culprit countries like his own, Canada.

By William E. Rees, 2 Dec 2009


BC's Carbon Tax Shell Game

Economist who invented 'eco-footprint' analysis is not impressed.

By William E. Rees, 26 Feb 2008