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Matt Price

Stories by Matt Price


A Bold Vision For Canada’s Unions

With private sector unionization stalled, it’s time to look for a new way to rally workers.

By Matt Price, 19 Oct 2017


Canada’s Conservatives Are Upping Their Digital Game

It’s the application of what some political scientists call ‘outparty innovation incentives.’

By Matt Price, 5 Jul 2017


Think Christy Clark Will Go Quietly? Think Again

With cold calculation, her BC Liberals appear to be gearing up for another election.

By Matt Price, 19 Jun 2017


Canada? Oh, We're Bad

Nice is so over. Nice is for pussies.

By Matt Price, 9 Jan 2012


Don't Let Oil Zombies Eat Your Brain

They are counting on you believing resistance is futile. Very soon, it will be.

By Matt Price, 31 Oct 2011


Cooking up a National Energy Strategy in Kananaskis

Will ministers let oil industry dictate the recipe? And thumb their nose at the world?

By Matt Price, 16 Jul 2011


Let's Hope Minister Prentice Means It: Environmental Defence

Eco-advocacy group responds to minister's criticism of its oil sands report and Tyee coverage.

By Matt Price, 3 Nov 2010


Tories consider emissions breaks for oil and gas

By Matt Price, 15 Dec 2009


Is This the Global Warming Ad that Will Wake Us Up?

Dire warnings can numb instead of inspire. But when kids grow older, they'll ask if we acted.

By Matt Price, 2 Nov 2009


Ignatieff's New Story

Try as he might to drop the green message, it's central to Canada's fate.

By Matt Price, 29 Apr 2009


McCain's Mission to Ottawa

US, Canada need to forge a less oily relationship.

By Aaron Freeman and Matt Price, 19 Jun 2008


Held Hostage by Tar Sands

Alberta's greed is a threat to Canada and the world.

By Matt Price and Christopher Hatch, 25 Jan 2008


Global Warming: Will Campbell Get Tough?

Clouds about to part on BC's climate action agenda.

By Matt Price, 24 Sep 2007

Harper's Big Chance for Enviros

He's shifted the national debate to vision and values.

By Matt Price, 27 Apr 2006

Beyond Regulating Corporations

Better to change the way they make money.

By Matt Price, 26 Apr 2006

Want Power, Then Get It

Enviros need a fresh attitude towards politics.

By Matt Price, 25 Apr 2006

Greening the Beaver

How to strengthen Canadian environmentalism. A series.

By Matt Price, 24 Apr 2006


The Real Income Trusts Scandal

A brazen tax dodge even George Bush disallowed.

By Matt Price, 4 Jan 2006


Pssst. Wanna Buy a Mayor?

Special interest money gets free rein in BC's municipal elections.

By Matt Price, 24 Aug 2005


Democracy for Sale

Part Two: The Solution. BC shares with Alberta the dubious distinction of employing the fewest safeguards against big money in politics.

By Matt Price, 31 Mar 2005


Democracy for Sale

Part One: The Problem. By allowing unlimited donations from corporations and unions, BC’s democracy is corrupted by non-voters.

By Matt Price, 28 Mar 2005


What Enviros Can Learn from Bjorn Lomborg

The so-called 'skeptical environmentalist' is coming to B.C. His appeal, if not his science, must be taken seriously.

By Matt Price, 21 Jan 2005