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Charles Campbell

Charles Campbell has worked as a writer and editor with the Georgia Straight, the Vancouver Sun, and the Tyee, and teaches at Capilano University.

Stories by Charles Campbell


‘What a City Is For’: How We Can Find Our Way Home

In his new book, East Van writer Matt Hern looks at new and old ways of thinking about land ownership.

By Charles Campbell, 17 Jan 2017


Save Canada's News Media? Like We Said in 2005...

What Tyee editors told senators back then resonates louder today.

By David Beers and Charles Campbell, 24 Feb 2016


Rustic Belcarra Cabins Face Eviction, Demolition

Residents of homes built between 1912 and 1930 appeal Metro Vancouver decision Thursday.

By Charles Campbell, 3 Jun 2014


At Ground Zero for Vancouver's Towering Debate

High-rises up to 36 storeys proposed for Commercial and Broadway neighbourhood raise looming citywide question: who decides?

By Charles Campbell, 25 Jun 2013


In Belcarra, the Rustic Cottage Is under Siege

Quaint private residences can make parks special. Will Metro Vancouver kill Belcarra's unique cottages?

By Charles Campbell, 14 May 2013


A Loving Send-off for Jim Green

If you missed the memorial celebration of Green's life held Saturday, this will put you at home.

By Charles Campbell, 16 Apr 2012


Miss Kathleen McGeer, Teacher, 1919 to 1927

At Lord Selkirk Elementary my daughter started her life in school, accompanied by a ghost I knew as Aunt Timmie.

By Charles Campbell, 11 May 2011


PuSh Is So Good, Why Pretend Journalistic Objectivity?

The groundbreaking theatre festival exemplifies Vancouver's cultural growth. (Or your money back.)

By Charles Campbell, 2 Feb 2011


What Has Ultimate Fighting Done to Us?

Blood, more blood, five fighters sent to hospital. The UFC 'will definitely be back.' The Mayor's onside, and the heritage minister explains his support.

By Charles Campbell, 15 Jun 2010


The Premier's Tacky Wager

This loser of a casino plan proves we missed a jackpot with Jack Poole's 1994 pitch.

By Charles Campbell, 31 Mar 2010


A Labour Giant Is Laid to Rest

The old guard came to lionize Jack Nichol, the fishermen's fighter when 'we still had natural resource industries.'

By Charles Campbell, 25 Nov 2009


BC Arts Cuts 'Devastating' Says Tory Minister

Arts funding a key form of economic stimulus: Heritage Minister Moore.

By Charles Campbell, 28 Sep 2009


Flex Your Muscles, BC Arts Community

Fight back against a government that's singled you out for brutal budget cuts.

By Charles Campbell, 4 Sep 2009


Vancouver Art in the Sixties: A Digital Trove

'Ruins in Process' web site archives and explains a vibrant art scene in the making.

By Charles Campbell, 2 Sep 2009


What Makes Us Give?

A face in distress, but please spare us the details.

By Charles Campbell, 11 Jun 2009


Kids, the Issue that Never Played

No party hurried to make a bold stand on childcare. But stakes are high.

By Charles Campbell, 12 May 2009


Liberals, Liquor and Who's Really Getting Soaked

Well-connected private stores make big margins while rural agency stores lose money on every bottle.

By Charles Campbell, 4 May 2009


Corky Evans Unplugged

The retiring NDP maverick on the populist voter, Gordon Campbell, spitting out teeth and much, much more.

By Charles Campbell, 1 May 2009

Welcome to Vancouver 2.0

'FormShift' winners challenge city to be denser, greener, more exciting.

By Charles Campbell, 17 Apr 2009


Al Jazeera's New Canadian Boss

Tony Burman ran CBC news. Now he calls shots at the top Arab news network's English arm. Why can't we see it here? A Tyee interview.

By Charles Campbell, 16 Feb 2009


Idea #7: Create a Ward System for Vancouver

Let’s scrap the park board and elect more councillors too.

By Charles Campbell, 30 Dec 2008


Child Care Bottleneck a Hot Voter Issue

Wait lists are long but empty classrooms stay off limits for care. Stressed parents are fuming.

By Charles Campbell, 14 Nov 2008


Trapped in Black Tar

Andrew Nikiforuk tells how the oil sands made Canada a suburb of Fort McMurray.

By Charles Campbell, 6 Nov 2008


How CBC Lost Its Hockey Theme

Inside story includes angry account by composer's daughter.

By Charles Campbell, 13 Jun 2008


Elegy for James Barber

He broke rules, and lived life deliciously.

By Charles Campbell, 6 Dec 2007


The Trouble with Paradise

Imagining a great city is easy. Building it is hard.

By Charles Campbell, 17 Sep 2007


In Tsawwassen, a Cow for the Killing

When saving farmland and forging treaties conflict, sacred blood is spilled.

By Charles Campbell, 27 Apr 2007


Writing the Jazz Way

Collaborative writing is getting authors out of their garrets.

By Charles Campbell, 11 Apr 2007


The Book That Black Hates

What prompted Conrad to sue Tom Bower? "Lies."

By Charles Campbell, 27 Mar 2007


A 'Plague' of Condos

And other observations on Vancouver from the author of 'Architecture of Happiness.'

By Charles Campbell, 28 Dec 2006


Atlas Dreams

Nothing says Christmas like a big book of maps.

By Charles Campbell, 15 Dec 2006

Don't Forget the Country

Michael Kluckner wants us to honour rural heritage buildings as well as urban ones.

By Charles Campbell, 8 Dec 2006

Whistler's Creation Myth

'V0N 1B0' author Ian Verchere on its wild adolescence, the trouble with snowboarders, and dynamiting Lower Franz's.

By Charles Campbell, 23 Nov 2006


An Internet Idea Army

'The Upside of Down' author Thomas Homer-Dixon wants individuals to take charge of our future. A Tyee interview (part 2).

By Charles Campbell, 17 Nov 2006


Embrace the Collapse

Author Thomas Homer-Dixon on the coming crisis, new opportunities and more. A Tyee interview (part one).

By Charles Campbell, 16 Nov 2006


Daryl Duke, Hero

TV pioneer pressed for local control, passion, quality.

By Charles Campbell, 9 Nov 2006


Not the Marrying Kind?

Somerville's silly Massey Lecture against same-sex marriage.

By Charles Campbell, 7 Nov 2006


The Most Vancouver Movie Ever Made

Coupland's 'Everything's Gone Green' tweaks the city's film identity.

By Charles Campbell, 29 Sep 2006


Opera on Ice

Writing the book on Hockey: A People's History.

By Charles Campbell, 26 Sep 2006


How to Safeguard BC's Farmland

Fixing the Agricultural Land Reserve will take vision and spine.

By Charles Campbell, 30 Aug 2006


What Books Define Us?

In our diverse, evolving country, there is no simple answer.

By Charles Campbell, 20 Jul 2006


Monkey Wrestles with Madness

Writers haven't done justice to BC's crazy history, but we might yet.

By Charles Campbell, 20 Jun 2006


Tyee Books Casts a New Line

A permanent addition to The Tyee domain aims to re-imagine the books section.

By Charles Campbell, 12 Jun 2006


Is BC Down on the Farm?

In the East Kootenays, critics see more proof the Agricultural Land Reserve isn't working.

By Charles Campbell, 30 May 2006


Expo Schmexpo

Vancouver should stop gorging on delusional nostalgia.

By Charles Campbell, 4 May 2006


Sometimes, Sports Isn't About Politics

Why did Canadians boo the U.S. hockey team? Because it sucked.

By Charles Campbell, 6 Jan 2006


Some Reckless Predictions

Join our BC election forum below! (A Tyee editor kick starts the fray by placing bets on Vancouver races.)

By Charles Campbell, 18 Nov 2005


David Cadman, The Tyee Interview

The COPE councilor on the big split, 'pugnacious' Tim Louis, the wards whipping, crime, taxes, and more.

By Charles Campbell, 17 Nov 2005


Sam Sullivan, The Tyee Interview

The NPA's mayoral candidate on RAV, the DES, Southeast False Creek, supporting Wal-Mart and more.

By Charles Campbell, 17 Nov 2005


BC's Big Outsourcing Bet

Contracting out government jobs while hoping to lure global outsourcing our way. Last in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 21 Oct 2005


Outsourcing's Great Unknowns

Without basic info and strategy, Canadian governments are ill-equipped to deal with outsourcing's global impact. Third in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 20 Oct 2005


U.S. Outsourcing Millions of Jobs

Even the former Wal-Mart CEO frets about a nation of hamburger slingers. Second in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 19 Oct 2005


Outsourcing BC

Telus employees aren't the only ones fighting a complex, sometimes brutal battle. First in our four-part series.

By Charles Campbell, 18 Oct 2005


NPA's Backroom Needs Airing

Secret dealings favour machine politics over civic spirit.

By Charles Campbell, 26 Sep 2005


New Feature: Hot Button Issues

Check out The Tyee’s fast, fair looks at the major election issues and where parties stand.

By Charles Campbell, 11 May 2005


Remembering Bob Hunter

The Greenpeace co-founder's character and influence can't be overstated.

By Charles Campbell, 6 May 2005


Grey Areas of the Green Vote

The NDP government angered enviros. Those feelings linger, but the Greens have not capitalized.

By Charles Campbell, 5 May 2005


Enviros and Industry Ring Alarm over Great Bear Project

They fear government delay risks B.C.’s reputation and a $100 million investment in a complex Central Coast preservation initiative.

By Charles Campbell, 28 Apr 2005


Creating Counterweights to Big Media

How to open up Canada's news media in an era of corporate concentration.

By David Beers and Charles Campbell, 2 Feb 2005


The Premier's Tawdry Escape Act

Remembering the day Gordon Campbell spun his DUI, and the news media went dizzy.

By Charles Campbell, 12 Jan 2005


Rafe’s Revenge

The irascible radio host on his new memoir, the Liberals and his own evolving politics (Would you believe Green Socialist?)

By Charles Campbell, 28 Dec 2004


Campbell and COPE: The New Arrangement

Call it a trial separation, all about hurt feelings, owed money and how to remain loved by the kids, er voters.

By Charles Campbell, 15 Dec 2004


A Death in the Family

The CBC's David Grierson was devoted to his community. Saturday's memorial tribute in Victoria showed how grateful we were.

By Charles Campbell, 13 Dec 2004


Mike Harcourt's Bold Predictions

B.C. is set for a huge jump in city funding and perhaps even a breakthrough on treaties says the former premier, a powerful insider on both fronts.

By Charles Campbell, 7 Dec 2004


Magnets for Memory

Our shrines to lives sacrificed are too important to be left to politicians.

By Charles Campbell, 11 Nov 2004


Building Boom Divides Gulf Islanders

Development is raising ire between neighbors and at government. Time to overhaul the Islands Trust?

By Charles Campbell, 22 Sep 2004


Tyee's Tenove Gets Webster Nod

Community reporting award nomination honours heart of this website's mission.

By Charles Campbell, 8 Sep 2004


Godfather of the Folk Fest

Listening to Utah Phillips talk and sing reminds why folk songs matter now more than ever.

By Charles Campbell, 20 Jul 2004


Asper's Blindingly White Election Team

Every member of CanWest's election reporting team is white. CEO Leonard Asper was in B.C. speechifying to newspaper execs, so we asked why.

By Charles Campbell, 6 Jun 2004


How Hockey Profits from Fighting

And how to prevent the next broken neck: It might just take one simple rule.

By Charles Campbell, 12 Mar 2004


On Saturna, the Telus Wars

You're low on the phone company's list when your line's been down six months, the new boss makes over $1.2 million, and his flak tells you some rural fixes can take 30 years.

By Charles Campbell, 16 Dec 2003


An American to Laugh At

Meet P.S. Mueller, who likes Canada and draws really funny cartoons. That's enough for us. He's in.

By Charles Campbell, 10 Dec 2003