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Amy Juschka

Stories by Amy Juschka


World Cup's First Losers: South Africa's Homeless

The media vilifies them while police force them out of neighbourhoods.

By Amy Juschka, 11 Jun 2010


Homeless Man Wins Legal Battle against 'Olympics Eviction'

Renovated Golden Crown Hotel must allow kicked out tenant to move back in.

By Amy Juschka, 11 Feb 2010


Last Minute Affordable Lodging for Olympics? No Problem

You can still easily find accommodations to fit your price range via 'Home for the Games.'

By Amy Juschka, 4 Feb 2010


Death Lurks in an Empty Cupboard

In Canada's poorest neighbourhood, bad diets hasten illness and death.

By Amy Juschka, 19 Jun 2009


Five Star Soup Kitchen Chef

Diane Brown makes a delicious art of nutrition for the poor.

By Amy Juschka, 18 Jun 2009


The Home for Homeless that Couldn't Find a Home

Emily Carr project lands on Bowen Island but remains empty.

By Amy Juschka, 3 Jun 2009


Big dailies back Liberals, weeklies lean Green

By Amy Juschka, 8 May 2009


Passenger rail rights at risk: Langley Mayor

By Amy Juschka, 7 May 2009