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Kamloops university seeks cow-spying drone

A Kamloops school of higher learning wants to buy a drone. Read more…

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Have your sympathies changed in the teachers' strike?

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Last week's poll: Political donations from unions and corporations are benign? Read the results of that poll here.

VIEW: Building a media voice for immigrants in Canada

I was never cut out to be a pioneer or an entrepreneur; risk-taking is just not in my DNA. My friends know me as a follower rather than a leader: a conformist. However, something changed a decade into my Canadian journey. Read more…

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VIEW: Your bi-monthly donation to Imperial Metals

The BC Hydro Northwest Transmission line is now powered up and operating, delivering under-priced bulk electricity to mining companies and under-priced delivery services for private power generators.  Read more…

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Lobbyist fine upheld for former BC Liberal MLA

B.C.'s lobbying watchdog has upheld a $1,200 fine against a former BC Liberal MLA connected to a controversial Chinese businessman. Read more…

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TransLink may take legal action against violent SkyTrain game

TransLink could ask B.C. Supreme Court to shut down a violent online video game that depicts the killings of commuters and transit workers on a SkyTrain platform. Read more…

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Government under investigation over alleged Mount Polley secrecy

British Columbia's Information and Privacy Commissioner will investigate whether the provincial government broke the law and failed to warn citizens of potential risks at the Mount Polley mine waste dam near Likely. Read more…

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First Nation announces blockade at new Imperial Metals mine

A group of Tahltan Nation elders have blocked entry to Imperial Metals’ Red Chris mine near Iskut in northern British Columbia in response to a serious mining waste spill at the company’s Mount Polley mine. Read more…

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Ministry slams Imperial Metals with several clean-up conditions

The Ministry of Environment has ordered that Imperial Metals Ltd. must immediately stop the flow of wastewater from its breached Mount Polley dam, as well as meet several other clean-up obligations, in the wake of a disaster that saw toxic sediment spilled into local watersheds in the B.C. Interior. Read more…

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Biologist waits on reports explaining Vancouver Island salmon farm die-off

Biologist and salmon activist Alexandra Morton is still waiting to receive reports that show what caused a Vancouver Island salmon farm die-off earlier this summer. Read more…

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VIEW: Blink and you'll miss consultations on BC farmland changes

With changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act, the B.C. government has grabbed the tiger by the tail and is not backing down. Whether you're a farmer or not the changes will impact you, but does the government really want to hear your concerns? Read more…

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New BC gold mine exposes gap in federal oversight

Changes made two years ago to a century-old federal law mean that a giant new gold mine just approved by the province for northwestern British Columbia will get reduced federal oversight -- and risk creating an international flashpoint. Read more…

VIEW: BC the biggest loser in charity chill

British Columbians may be the biggest losers in the chill that has descended upon charities that advocate for public policy issues. Read more…

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'No swimming' advisory issued in West Van… is your local beach safe?

This week, Vancouver Coastal Health Authority issued a "no swimming" advisory for three West Vancouver beaches due to high levels of E.coli, which can increase risk of gastrointestinal illness. Read more…

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VIEW: Is PEN the latest target of Harper's selective tax audits?

The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) considers the recent news that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is conducting an extensive audit of PEN Canada as further evidence that the Harper government is using the agency to attack its critics. Read more…

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New NDP shadow cabinet sees Eby promoted to housing file

More than two-and-a-half months after becoming NDP leader by acclamation, John Horgan put his stamp on the Opposition caucus July 23. Read more…

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VIEW: BC enviro minister wrong on Park Amendment Act

Last weekend, people across B.C. gathered in our provincial parks to celebrate Parks Day and to send a strong message to the B.C. government -- the fight to keep these special places protected from industry is far from over. Read more…

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BC government chided for failing to archive huge backlog of documents

With apologies to Cool Hand Luke, what we've got here is a failure to archive.

That is the conclusion of a July 22 report by B.C.'s Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham, who wrote that 33,000 boxes of government documents are languishing in storage, waiting to be archived. Read more…

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Favoured Vision Park Board candidate resigns after pro-masturbation video surfaces

Trish Kelly, favoured Park Board candidate for Vision Vancouver, withdrew from the municipal election race today in a Vision statement. Read more…

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VIEW: Are conservative think tanks aiming their big guns at Vancouver city hall?

Are the Fraser Institute and the Manning Centre doing their bit to campaign for a conservative takeover of Vancouver City Hall? Read more…

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BC debt hits new record high as Public Accounts released

British Columbia’s debt reached a new record high $60.693 billion on March 31 and contractual obligations are nearing $100 billion. Read more…

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