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Public release of report into health firings may be delayed

Premier Christy Clark waffled today on her commitment that the report from the government-ordered review into firings made from the health ministry in 2012 will be released on Dec. 19. Read more…

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Who is to blame for rising tensions on Burnaby Mountain?

  • Kinder Morgan
  • The Canadian court system
  • Burnaby RCMP
  • The federal government
  • Anti-pipeline protesters
  • Eco-terrorist radicals
  • Other

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Last week's poll: What's the best way to convince more British Columbians to head to the polls? Read the results of that poll here.

Tyee legislative reporter sets agenda on health ministry firings review

Tyee reporter Andrew MacLeod's dogged reporting on the latest health ministry revelations dominated Thursday's Question Period in Victoria. After that, nearly every scribe, columnist and pundit in the legislative press gallery cited MacLeod's scoop. Read more…

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VIEW: What now for Vision? A wish list for the next four years

Despite its shortcomings, Vision Vancouver has provided some decent government for this strange outpost by the sea, tackling issues that win few votes but need to be tackled. On the other hand, whether calculated or genuine, Mayor Gregor Robertson's late apology did indicate an awareness the party needs to do better. So, what now? I have some thoughts on, as Lenin liked to put it, what needs to be done. Herewith, the Mickle wishlist for the next four years. Read more…

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VIEW: To prevent future Mt. Polleys, BC must restore its professional public service

In "An Engineer's Idea to Prevent Future Mount Polleys," published today on The Tyee, the notion of voluntary peer reviews is promoted as a means of preventing mining disasters similar to Mount Polley. More due diligence relating to approval of mining and other resource development projects is certainly needed, but the best approach is to ensure that government knows what is happening on Crown land. Read more…

Keystone a forest killer: Tyee contributing editor Nikiforuk in New York Times

Acclaimed Canadian author and Tyee contributing editor Andrew Nikiforuk writes in the New York Times today with an angle on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline most Americans likely don't dwell upon. Read more…

VIEW: Media muffs, enviros gain, and more Rafe Mair takes on civic elections

The Vancouver Sun and Province have egg all over their collective faces after the election results in Vancouver and in Surrey. Both papers obviously did not want Gregor Robertson to win in Vancouver. Just why they supported the NPA is open to conjecture but one has to assume, reading these papers for the last 10 years, that they are so far up the Liberals' backside in this province that there is no safe return. Read more…

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VIEW: Five points on Vancouver's transparency issue

Are you concerned about transparency in city hall? Reporter Bob Mackin is. Here, Mackin looks at the record and promises of Vancouver's 2014 election candidates. Read more…

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Tyee municipal FOI audit finds the region's good, bad and ugly

Going into the 2014 civic elections, the last until 2018, how open are local governments around southwestern British Columbia when it comes to the spending and meetings of their mayors? Read more…

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VIEW: Jumbo, a 'town' with no residents can't participate in municipal election

The "small town" of Jumbo, also known as the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality, is not home to friendly neighbours or quiet streets. In fact, it is completely empty -- a wilderness with no residents and no buildings. Read more…

VIEW: CBC, Canadaland, Ricochet... media diversity needed now, more than ever

From attacks in Ottawa to sex allegations against CBC's top cultural broadcaster, it's been a shocking few weeks in Canada. But if anything good can be said to have come from these events, it's the elevated level of awareness and (mostly) constructive dialogue about serious issues like mental health, militarism, surveillance, and rape culture.

We're taking a deep look at ourselves and our society, what defines us and what our values are.

At the same time, there's a parallel conversation taking place: What is the role of the Canadian media in this moment, and what is the state of the media in Canada in general? Read more…

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VIEW: Energy executive blasts Kinder Morgan review as 'fraudulent,' quits

Marc Eliesen has withdrawn as an intervenor in the federal government’s review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion project, detailing his reasons for quitting in a scathing 1,500 word letter to the National Energy Board. Read more…

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Lobbyist watchdog fined aide to BC Premier Clark

The British Columbia registrar of lobbyists has fined a key aide to Premier Christy Clark for failing to comply with the province's lobbying law. Read more…

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VIEW: Canadians must not trade freedom for the illusion of security

The potential destruction of terrorism is infinitesimally smaller than the damage done to our rights by a disproportionate attempt to prevent it. Read more…

Internet rights group predicts Tories will toughen spy bill

The Conservative government tabled legislation Monday aimed at expanding the powers of Canada's spying authorities, arguing the new law is needed to combat terrorism. Read more…

VIEW: Time to appoint a special prosecutor on healthcare firings

Call it what you want, bad damage control or poor deflection, but one thing is certain: the Ministry of Health's attempts to put those 2012 firings behind them aren't working out so well. Read more…

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NDP slams BC Liberals on BC Place in Question Period

On a day when the BC Liberal government wanted to talk about the tax regime for B.C.'s nascent liquefied natural gas industry, the opposition relied on an old Question Period standby: the controversial BC Place Stadium roof. Read more…

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VIEW: Are newspapers really hard up? Myths muddy media ownership debate

"Media myths increasingly surround us in today's ever more mediated world, few of which have proved more persistent than the well-worn canard about newspapers dying." Read more…

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As Site C dam gets environmental approval, a local journalist's case against

Today the B.C. government gave the environmental go-ahead to the $7.9-billion Site C dam project that would flood the fertile, food-producing Peace River valley in northeastern B.C. Read more…

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'Habitat banking': BC's newest buzzword?

"Habitat banking" may become the new buzzword as British Columbia’s government seeks to turn more land over to oil, gas and mining industries. Read more…

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32 organizations oppose opening non-profits to 'public interest' court challenges

Nearly three dozen organizations are asking the British Columbia government to abandon a plan to allow any member of the public to challenge in court a non-profit they believe is acting against the public interest. Read more…