Closing Britannia Secondary Will Hit Indigenous Students Hard, Say Community Members



School with highest Aboriginal-identified population could shutter by next June. Read more »

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday



Canada Must Act to Help North Korean Refugees, NDP MP Says

Jenny Kwan says Ottawa should expedite process for those 'whose lives are at risk.'

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today



Vancouver Island Our 11th Province? Why Stop There?

BC's own Brexit? Likely not. Still, secession movements tell us something about the regional mood.

By Crawford Kilian, Today


Christy Clark in Prince George

'Air Christy' Flights Included Learjet to Liberal Fundraiser

Taxpayers billed $6,054 for one-day trip that included photo op, radio interview and fundraising dinner.

By Bob Mackin, Yesterday

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Cover of Equity magazine's March 1988 issue

Vancouver's Home Price Nightmare Was Long Foretold

Since Expo 86 many warned global wealth would kill local homebuyers' dreams.

By Darryl Greer, Yesterday


Donnie Wesley

Did Band Members Defame a Chief by Saying He Wasn't?

Dispute belies Clark's claim of First Nations support for Skeena River LNG proposal.

By Ian Gill, Yesterday


Ivan Coyote

Fostering Change: Cabaret Promotes Support for Youth 'Aging Out' of Care

Vancouver celebs share stories tonight to highlight need to help former children in care.

By Katie Hyslop, 23 Jun 2016



The European Union and the Misery of Bigness

Brexit voters should recognize Leopold Kohr's belief that large institutions concentrate power and ignore local needs.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 23 Jun 2016



Why Young Workers Should Celebrate CPP Changes

Okay, all workers should care. But for the next gen, this pension upgrade was long overdue.

By Paul Willcocks, 23 Jun 2016


Premier Christy Clark

Citizens Tell the Premier: Ban Big Bucks, End Party Pay

Correspondence reveals an electorate unhappy with BC Libs' big-ticket fundraisers.

By Bob Mackin, 22 Jun 2016



Health Firing Inquiry 'Adversarial, Intimidating'

Refusal to fund legal costs in ombudsperson's probe unfair, says Rebecca Warburton.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Jun 2016



Cholera in Haiti: A True-Crime Medical Thriller

Book exposes international effort to hide the truth -- UN camp was responsible for outbreak that has killed thousands.

By Crawford Kilian, 22 Jun 2016



'China Syndrome' Paralyzes Politicians in Housing Affordability Crisis

Huge impact of foreign buyers cant be ignored, and raising the issue isn't racist.

By Bill Tieleman, 21 Jun 2016


Labour union president Hassan Yussuff

Canadian Labour Leader Pledges Continued Pension Push

CPP has been expanded but needs to go further, says CLC's Hassan Yussuff.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 21 Jun 2016



Court's Ban on Some Set-Top Boxes Threat to Innovation

Ruling tips balance with injunction blocking disruptive technology with both legal and illegal uses.

By Michael Geist, 21 Jun 2016


A Tyee Series

Next Economy: Bitcoin and New Ways to Do Money

Why cryptocurrency is hot politics. Next in Tyee's series on capitalism in crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 21 Jun 2016



Meet the Olympians Without Nations

This first-ever team of refugees will compete in the Rio 2016 Games.

By Christopher Zumski Finke, 20 Jun 2016



To Tackle Inequality, Start with BC's Two-Tier Education

It's hard to think of a single reason why we subsidize private schools while stiffing our public system.

By Paul Willcocks, 20 Jun 2016



$15 Million to Build BC's 'Nashville North'? Indie Bands Have Ideas

But will they be asked? Tyee asks local musicians how they'd benefit from premier's pledged support.

By Alex de Boer, 20 Jun 2016



Tyee Poll: Will a Tax on Vacant Homes Cool Vancouver's Housing Market?

Before you housing hopefuls cry tears of joy -- is this a solution to unaffordability?

By Tyee Staff, 20 Jun 2016



'Air Christy' Bill to Taxpayers Tops $560,000

Controversial flight to give $150,000 grant for Haida Gwaii school study most costly on latest list.

By Bob Mackin, 18 Jun 2016



#OceanOptimism: Igniting a Twitter Storm of Hope

Sharing uplifting news of resilience and recovery enhances our capacity for action. So why don't we do it more?

By Elin Kelsey, 18 Jun 2016



'The Wailing': A Horror Revealed in Hindsight

The latest from South Korean director Na Hong-jin may be best watched backwards.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jun 2016


Unifor local president Ken Smith

Oil Sands Workers Fear Becoming Climate Change Casualties

If jobs are lost, union demands a 'Just Transition' to new opportunities.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 17 Jun 2016


Sorrowful renters

'I Go to Bed in Tears': Lower Mainland Renter Rage

Website commenters share tales of woes over lack of affordable digs.

By Dermod Travis, 17 Jun 2016


Housing Minister Rich Coleman

Seven-Year Residential Tenancy Battle Shows Dispute System Is a 'Joke,' Say Tenants

In Sparwood, landowner and tenants agree on one point: BC's RTB needs to be fixed.

By Andrew MacLeod, 17 Jun 2016


Anti-free trade protestor

Please Advise! Does Hating Free Trade Put Me on the Trump Team?

Britain's debate on leaving the EU shows left and right labels don't apply when it comes to trade deals.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jun 2016


Wayland Chin at Richmond's Aberdeen Centre arcade

Special Video Feature: Meet a Dance Machine Master

At 15, Wayland Chin fell in heart-pounding, sweat-inducing love. With DDR.

By Christopher Cheung, 16 Jun 2016


Donald Sutherland

NDP Takes Another Crack at Letting Expats Vote

'It's an act of fairness' says MP behind bill that would restore voting rights to some Canadians abroad.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 16 Jun 2016


Douglas Rushkoff

Old Media Jump on a Stalling Digital Bandwagon

Digital ironies: are datascraping news outlets reading the data?

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Jun 2016

The European Union and the Misery of Bigness

Brexit voters should recognize Leopold Kohr's belief that large institutions concentrate power and ignore local needs.

By Andrew Nikiforuk


Will a tax on vacant homes cool Vancouver's housing market and help with affordability?

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  • No.
  • I don't know.

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