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BC Politics


BC Fed Launches Campaign to Elect NDP Government in May

Effort to focus on jobs, wages and public services and increasing voter turnout.

By Linda Givetash, 1 Dec 2016


Horgan Makes Appeal to Workers: People of BC ‘Deserve Better’

NDP leader lays out series of election promises at BC Fed convention.

By Linda Givetash, 30 Nov 2016


Libs and NDP Won’t Stand Up to Forestry Donor, BC Greens Imply in Fundraiser Pitch

New Dems’ president fires back, says party fights for industry jobs.

By Andrew MacLeod, 29 Nov 2016


Lanzinger Urges BC Fed Delegates to Work to Defeat Clark

‘Premier Poverty’ working for the rich while inequality grows, says president.

By Paul Willcocks, 28 Nov 2016


Why I Think Journalism Matters Now, More than Ever

It can make a difference. And you can support it, right here in BC.

By Paul Willcocks, 28 Nov 2016


One in Five Kids in BC Is Poor, Report Finds

Despite small gains in reducing poverty, ‘a lot of people are just holding on.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 24 Nov 2016


Federal ‘Cash For Access’ Controversy Reaches into BC

Chinese-Canadian businessman who paid to meet Trudeau contributed more than $10,000 to BC Liberals.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 24 Nov 2016


Journalists Jumping to BC Liberal Jobs a Problem for Media Credibility

Media’s corporate donations, reporters-turned-candidates and staff blur line between press and party.

By Bill Tieleman, 22 Nov 2016


What If BC Has an Election and the News Media Says ‘I Forgot’?

The Tyee won’t let that happen. If you help.

By Tyee Staff, 21 Nov 2016


BC Forest Policy Killing Jobs in Small Communities, Say Critics

Work lost as companies ‘hoard’ timber or ship logs to distant mills.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Nov 2016


‘Free Media’: Who’ll Earn More of It in BC’s Election?

Trump’s ability to attract gobs of publicity, despite financial disadvantage, holds lessons for provincial politicians.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 Nov 2016


Why Should British Columbians Pay Power Bills for LNG Industry?

New ‘eDrive’ policy means BC Hydro customers could pay billions to subsidize plants.

By Marvin Shaffer, 16 Nov 2016


Canada’s New Democrats Can Learn from Trump - Or Lose

Trump won because he targeted working class voters. Will NDP finally do the same?

By Bill Tieleman, 15 Nov 2016


Documenting ‘The Peace in Peril’: A Q&A with Christopher Pollon

The story behind the story. Book launches this week in Vancouver.

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Nov 2016


Peace River Valley, Sacrifice Zone

An exclusive excerpt from ‘The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam.’

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Nov 2016


What Trump’s Win Can Teach Progressives

Trump tapped emotion to claim the presidency; how can we harness it to elect decent people?

By Kai Nagata, 12 Nov 2016


Christy Clark Just Got Laughed Out of the Supreme Court of Canada

Decision on class size, composition latest battle in long Socred/Liberal war on education.

By Crawford Kilian, 11 Nov 2016


Teachers’ Union Wins Battle in Supreme Court of Canada

Top court restores contract provisions on class size, composition stripped by Liberal government.

By Katie Hyslop, 10 Nov 2016


BC’s LNG Fraud

Behind the Trump-like hype: fleeced taxpayers and a surge of climate pollution.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 10 Nov 2016


Materials Sent to RCMP on Health Firings Include Concert Footage, Film

‘I don’t know what their interest in the movies was,’ says Ramsay Hamdi, fired with six others.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Nov 2016