Labour + Industry


Faith in Big Trade Deals Keeps Crumbling

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of globalization?

By Murray Dobbin, Yesterday


If TPP Deal Dies, Canada's Got a Great Plan B

In fact, an alternate strategy to open up key Asian markets already exists.

By Michael Geist, 24 May 2016


They Keep Us Safe, but 'Stigma' Is Killing Firefighters, Paramedics and Cops

Emergency first responders hope BC hears their cry for help.

By David P. Ball, 20 May 2016


Canada Post Review Committee Faces Quick Criticism

Ottawa already correcting 'errors' in its information on panelists.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 6 May 2016


Workers Must Unite to Fight Global Power, Wealth: Leo Gerard

Top unionist warns TPP threatens 'total domination' unless labour makes its fight international.

By David P. Ball, 5 May 2016


BC's 80 Cent Wage Hike Won't Lift Workers from Poverty, Critics Say

Premier Clark says most minimum wage workers 'are living with their parents.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 4 May 2016


Auditor General Blasts 'Major Gaps' in BC's Mining Oversight

Responsibility to regulate industry should be removed from ministry, finds scathing report.

By Andrew MacLeod, 4 May 2016


Postal Workers Ready for New Battle after Harper Law Struck Down

Court rules Tory back-to-work bill violated Charter freedoms of expression, assembly.

By David P. Ball, 30 Apr 2016


Suncor on Expansion Spree in Down Oilpatch

Calgary giant aims to be 'last oil company standing' as world shifts off carbon, its CEO says.

By Mychaylo Prystupa, 29 Apr 2016


Vancouver Living Wage Improves, but Child Care Still a Huge Strain

Having kids remains a debt sentence for many families in Metro region.

By David P. Ball, 28 Apr 2016


Union's 'Serious' Ferry Concerns Merit Response, NDP Critic Says

Ferry workers allege contract change led to 'stark decline in safety standards.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 25 Apr 2016


Bangladesh Factory Safety Fixes 'Far Behind Schedule': Investors

Garment factory collapse killed 1,134 workers. But some warn progress is too slow.

By David P. Ball, 23 Apr 2016


Ferry Passengers at Risk as Result of Contract Change, Says Union

Union fighting to reverse 2010 ruling excluding chief engineers from bargaining unit.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Apr 2016


TransLink Strike Vote Opens Door to Service Disruptions as Early as May 1

Job action remains 'last resort,' says union spokesman as talks hit speed bump.

By David P. Ball, 21 Apr 2016


Ottawa Still Censoring Websites in Government Departments, Union Says

Civil servants left to their own devices, says Debi Daviau.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 21 Apr 2016


TPP Consultation Turns Away Scores of Lower Mainlanders

Ralliers outside Richmond hearings air their grievances with 12-country trade deal.

By David P. Ball, 19 Apr 2016


Six Key Divides New Democrats Must Tackle

Convention revealed a readiness among New Dems to attack party problems. Now comes the hard part.

By Samantha Power, 12 Apr 2016


On Affordable Internet Access, Everyone Can Help

Thousands of Canadians are still offline, owing to lack of access or affordability.

By Michael Geist, 12 Apr 2016


Could Unions Ground WestJet's 'Owners Care' Motto?

Company says in-house employee groups a union alternative, but labour relations experts disagree.

By David P. Ball, 8 Apr 2016


Strategic Voting Was the Right Call in 2015: Unifor Head

As a trade union leader, I understand the tactic's role in defeating right-wing agendas.

By Jerry Dias, 8 Apr 2016