Thomas Mulcair

Would Funding Boost Save the CBC?

NDP would bolster budget if elected, but critic says money alone isn't the problem.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Jan 2015


Is that Story Too Good to Be True? It's Probably a Hoax

Journalist Craig Silverman on Internet rumours, lies and 'batmen' spotted on the moon.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Jan 2015

Video streaming

Could You Get Dinged for Streaming Video?

Canadian law frowns on downloading, but online streams have their own rules.

By Michael Geist, 20 Jan 2015


There's Sitcom Potential in those CBC Missteps

Or, to quote Elvis Costello: 'I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.'

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Jan 2015

Face in the news

Canada's Media Language Is a Little Too Newspeak-y

Harper's made dramatic changes, yet elite influence over the mainstream drowns out criticism.

By Nick Fillmore, 15 Jan 2015

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It's Your Right to Know, but Government Won't Be Much Help

Fortunately, there are two guys who actually want to teach us how to access information.

By Sean Holman, 14 Jan 2015

Charlie Hebdo cartoon by Greg Perry

Tyee Contributing Cartoonists Wield their Pens for Charlie Hebdo

If the Paris killers' intent was to silence sharp observers of society, they failed.

By Jane Armstrong, 8 Jan 2015

Je Suis Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo Massacre: Context and Responses

Outpouring of support for slain journalists' right to free speech after terrorist attack on French satirical magazine.

By David Beers, 7 Jan 2015

Treasury Board president Tony Clement

Canada Needs a Reboot. Four, in Fact

New year offers these key chances to hit reset buttons on digital policies.

By Michael Geist, 7 Jan 2015

Barack Obama, inauguration 2013

In Defence of Barack Obama

Here in Harperland, should progressives be less cynical about the US president?

By Steven Rosenfeld, 5 Jan 2015

Teachers rallying

Tyee's Hottest Stories in 2014

BC's fight over public ed, Harper's library massacre, kinkster wisdom, Norwegian bling and a Burnaby 'gorilla.' Our most read this year.

By David Beers, 31 Dec 2014

Tyee Fish Worker -- 300px

Tyee Journalists: Our Favourite Stories of 2014

Our beat reporters share the work that made them proud this year.

By Jane Armstrong, 30 Dec 2014

2014 in tech

The Year in Tech Law and Digital Scandals, from A to Z

An alphabet of names and moments that made headlines in 2014.

By Michael Geist, 30 Dec 2014


New Year, New Rules for Internet Downloaders

Coming copyright laws could result in a torrent of user infringement notices.

By Michael Geist, 24 Dec 2014

John Furlong

Woman Drops Abuse Lawsuit against John Furlong

Two accusers against ex-VANOC boss remain as March trial approaches.

By Bob Mackin, 23 Dec 2014


Telecoms Offer to Build Surveillance Tools into Networks

Nevertheless, gov't still feels the need to legislate interception, docs show.

By Michael Geist, 17 Dec 2014

Andrew Nikiforuk on CBC's The National

Time for 'Adult Discussion' on Canada's Oil Future, Says Tyee's Nikiforuk on CBC

Election preview? Plunging oil prices, Norway's petro-smarts drive debate on The National.

By David Beers, 15 Dec 2014


A Plan to Mend Our Stricken CBC

New governance is the best Rx, but there's more to do as listeners and viewers.

By Nick Fillmore, 11 Dec 2014


Why Canada's Comms Policy Misses the Forest for the Trees

Wireless services, broadband, broadcast TV... why not regulate them together?

By Michael Geist, 10 Dec 2014

The Newsroom

Rape, Trial-by-Media Anxiety and 'The Newsroom'

Goes without saying, but just in case: don't take sexual assault reporting tips from Aaron Sorkin.

By Sarah Berman, 9 Dec 2014

Alberta's Crazy Oil Bender Is Over

Now stuck with a crude hangover, it could've been like wise and sober Norway.

By Mitchell Anderson


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