Watch Out, Serial Spammers!

Canadian crackdown on spam messages begins, with action taken against three businesses.

By Michael Geist, 31 Mar 2015

Classified document

Are Leaked Docs Safe With Canadian Reporters?

A homegrown Ed Snowden would find few journos with encrypted email.

By Tim Groves, 27 Mar 2015

Remote control

Pick-and-Pay TV to Keep Big Broadcasters in Check

CRTC decision includes safeguards against potential anti-competitive conduct.

By Michael Geist, 24 Mar 2015

Netflix on a tablet

Behind the Scenes of Ontario's Campaign for a Netflix Tax

And why it was unlikely to succeed.

By Michael Geist, 10 Mar 2015


Journalists: Never Befriend a Source

Columnist's athlete admission shows favourable coverage -- not good reporting.

By Paul Willcocks, 7 Mar 2015

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Net neutrality

Net Neutrality: 'An Amazing Case of the Little Guy Winning'

Jubilant Vancouver campaigners celebrate milestone victory for an open web.

By Bob Mackin, 27 Feb 2015

'Ford Nation'

Sun News Burned by Changing Broadcasting Climate

No longer shielded by government, channels can now spark and flame out.

By Michael Geist, 24 Feb 2015


Dear Government Spin Doctor: A Journalist's Final Warning

One last shot at the tyranny of the talking point.

By Sean Holman, 23 Feb 2015


Bell's Targeted Ad Scheme Falls Short on Privacy

Telecom has far more extensive access to customer data than web companies.

By Michael Geist, 17 Feb 2015

Journalist Hugh Stimson

Learn How to Turn Data into Maps that Tell Stories

Latest tools make it easy, says Master Class Instructor Hugh Stimson. Enroll now!

By  Tyee Staff and Contributors, 17 Feb 2015


Sun News Death a Victory for Intellect

The network took us for dummies from the start. In the end, it cost them millions.

By Antonia Zerbisias, 16 Feb 2015


Privacy Protection Just Got Tougher

Oversight won't fix anti-terrorism bill or growing internet surveillance.

By Michael Geist, 10 Feb 2015


MLA Andrew Weaver Wins Libel Decision, Facebook Posting Says

Green politician 'thrilled' by ruling.

By Andrew MacLeod, 6 Feb 2015

The Province and Vancouver Sun boxes

Newspaper-less in Vancouver?

Nope, but folding one daily a possibility, says media critic.

By Marc Edge, 5 Feb 2015

Columnist Jose Vivar

Meet Canada's Columnist Behind Bars

Like any worthy opinion writer, Jose Vivar is a divisive figure with a dedicated following.

By Zoe McKnight, 5 Feb 2015

Shredded paper

As Postmedia Withers, Is a Newspaper-less Vancouver Imminent?

Reinvention, even survival, of local dailies seems less likely with each quarterly report.

By Paul Willcocks, 3 Feb 2015

Fast lanes

An Internet Framework to Brag About

On equal access to content Canada sets high standards.

By Michael Geist, 3 Feb 2015

Jesse Brown of Canadaland

In Praise of Reporters Who Stir the Pot

Media critic Jesse Brown is making waves -- and a few enemies -- in journalism circles.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Jan 2015

Elizabeth May screenshot

Tyee Reporter Part of Election Fraud Talk Tonight in Victoria

A federal vote is on the horizon. Time to bone up on election issues.

By Jane Armstrong, 28 Jan 2015

Netflix on a tablet

Return of the Netflix Tax?

Canadian government quietly consults on sales tax for digital products.

By Michael Geist, 27 Jan 2015

Proud Planner: 'I Work for TransLink'

Sabrina Lau Texier once shirked from discussing her employer. Then came the transit vote.

By Doug Ward


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