Sorry, Gov't Still Secretly Grabbing Your Private Info

Despite reforms, law agencies, telecoms keep ducking transparency.

By Michael Geist, Today

Consumer Virtual Reality Conference in Vancouver

'Virtual Reality' Reporting Seductive -- Also Clunky, Costly

New gear may spread popularity of storytelling in-the-round, but tech still limits its making.

By Alexander Villegas, 26 May 2016

New Canadian Media founder George Abraham

'Filling the Gaps' in Reporting on Ethnic Communities

New service hopes to help Canadian media go beyond superficial journalism.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 26 May 2016

Brenda Sayers of Hupacasath First Nation

If TPP Deal Dies, Canada's Got a Great Plan B

In fact, an alternate strategy to open up key Asian markets already exists.

By Michael Geist, 24 May 2016

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains

Liberals Signal New Telecom Policy, Promote Open Access

First sign: rejecting Bell appeal of CRTC decision on broadband infrastructure.

By Michael Geist, 17 May 2016

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Netflix menu screen

CanCon Makeover: Let's Get Creative

Enough with the Netflix tax. Here's how to really shake up our culture.

By Michael Geist, 10 May 2016


Digital Cancon Review: Be Wary of Old Whine in New Bottles

Canadian content policies will soon go under the microscope. Who'll benefit?

By Michael Geist, 3 May 2016

'The Good Wife'

Ever Uncompromising, 'The Good Wife' Comes to an End

From ageism to ableism, few stereotypes left unbroken in this legal drama.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2016


Big Loser in Wente Plagiarism? Globe's Reputation

Columnist's cut-and-paste journalism draws lame response from management.

By Paul Willcocks, 26 Apr 2016

Man on a smartphone

Leadership Sorely Needed on Canada's Broadband Strategy

Ongoing internet access hearing shows feds must step up.

By Michael Geist, 26 Apr 2016

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains

Copyright Law for the Blind Needs Fine Tuning

Liberal bill responds to global movement to create and export accessible works.

By Michael Geist, 19 Apr 2016

Woman taking a selfie

On Affordable Internet Access, Everyone Can Help

Thousands of Canadians are still offline, owing to lack of access or affordability.

By Michael Geist, 12 Apr 2016


Is Collaboration the Key to Journalism's Future?

On the day the Panama papers leaked, three media-watchers agreed it's one crucial element.

By David P. Ball, 5 Apr 2016

Blendle online news platform

Testing Blendle, the Newest New News Distributor

It's pick-and-pay journalism with a money-back-guarantee. But will the model devalue the product itself?

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Mar 2016


Please Advise! Does Trump Prove US a Nation of Trolls?

He wins because web's mean 'losers' turn out to be most white male Americans.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Mar 2016

Hillary Clinton

How Media Totally Botched the 2016 Primaries Coverage

For one, they fell victim to the Kardashian coefficient. It never fails.

By Adam Johnson, 29 Mar 2016

Clinton endorsement ad

Clinton Nabs the Pretend Vile Women Endorsement

Watching US political ads, every appeal feels more surreal.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Mar 2016


School Copyright Ruling Strikes Fair Balance for Creators and Users

Decision largely affirms how education system has treated copying in the past.

By Michael Geist, 15 Mar 2016


Skinny TV: Fewer Channels, More Competition?

Flying under public radar, basic cable packages open door to choice.

By Michael Geist, 9 Mar 2016


Why Gawker's First Contract Is a Blueprint for Unions

For young workers, Solidarity Forever needs a new chorus. Here's one way.

By Paul Willcocks, 7 Mar 2016

Faith in Big Trade Deals Keeps Crumbling

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of globalization?

By Murray Dobbin


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