Economy debate

Why Wouldn't a Public Broadcaster Air a National Election Debate?

But CBC refused, and that's not the only odd choice it made this campaign.

By Michael Geist, Today


Six Ways Tories Are Cribbing Christy Clark's Campaign

Does 'career politician' sound familiar? That’s a jab from the BC Liberal playbook.

By Bob Mackin, 3 Oct 2015


Still Time to Make Affordable Internet an Election Issue

For starters: where do parties stand on universal web access?

By Michael Geist, 30 Sep 2015


'Media Is Our Last Line of Defence': Mohamed Fahmy

Freed from Egyptian jail threat, reporter discusses return to BC and press freedom fight.

By David P. Ball, 26 Sep 2015

Dancing baby video

The Dancing Baby Video that Changed Copyright Law

Mom appealed and won eight-year court battle protecting internet freedom this week.

By Michael Geist, 22 Sep 2015

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Harper debate screencap

Some Context for Twitter's 'Old Stock Canadians' Backlash

Yes, it's a term that's popped up before, but not alongside loaded (and bogus) refugee claims.

By Sarah Berman, 18 Sep 2015


Four Reasons to Stop Sharing Nationwide Election Polls

They're misleading and unhelpful, so post riding-level data instead.

By Heather Libby, 16 Sep 2015

Clouds on a laptop

Fall Election Presents Three Internet Privacy Futures

Here's why Canadians should press candidates about warrantless data access.

By Michael Geist, 15 Sep 2015

Globe & Mail spread from 1984

Cheaper, Faster, Truthier: The Rise of Election Polls

Echoed from one paper to another, horserace surveys miss key question: 'Why?'

By Luke Savage, 11 Sep 2015

Earl Cowan

Harper's Mob Problem

A communications expert ponders those 'vetted' election stop crowds that snarl and curse.

By Matthew Hays, 10 Sep 2015


Tyee's Top 20 Election Stories So Far

Reader-funded coverage tackles abuse of power, swing ridings, vexed vets, fact-checked polls, and more.

By Robyn Smith and Tyee Staff and Contributors, 5 Sep 2015


Raffi vs. Maclean's: Election Coverage Will Never Be the Same

Baby Beluga star made himself a social media politico (who drives Paul Wells nuts).

By David P. Ball, 2 Sep 2015

Vancouver Community College

VCC Ad Battle Ruling a Victory for Google

BC Supreme Court protects Vancouver Career College's ‘confusing' keyword ads.

By Michael Geist, 1 Sep 2015


Senate Reports Offer Insight into Future Tory Privacy, CBC Policies

While Duffy trial ruled the news, our upper house released several new documents.

By Michael Geist, 26 Aug 2015


'Outsiders Still': Real Talk for Would-Be Female Reporters

Vivian Smith's book a window into glass ceiling of Canadian newsrooms.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Aug 2015


Counting Canada's Women Political Columnists on One Hand

Attention all TV panels and opinion pages: time to step up your gender representation game.

By Jenn Jefferys, 20 Aug 2015

TPP ministers in Hawaii

How Canada Caved to US Pressure at TPP Talks in Hawaii

Negotiators dropped patent and copyright demands but failed to garner agreement.

By Michael Geist, 18 Aug 2015

Brian Mulroney in 1984

Forget Campaign Tours, Media Need New Election Approach

Politicians are tightly managed in 2015. So why tag along like it's 1984?

By Paul Willcocks, 17 Aug 2015

Stephen Harper as Chinese Superman

Covering the 'Great Wall of Harper Campaign'

After a stint in Beijing's state media, reporting on Conservatives is déjà vu.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 14 Aug 2015

'Slow stream'

Canada's Net Neutrality Enforcement Is Going at Half-Throttle

FOI docs reveal no penalties for uneven web providers.

By Michael Geist, 11 Aug 2015

Canada's Biggest Political Scandal You Never Heard Of

Big oil, taxpayers' millions, call girls and a 'mechanic' named Bruce Carson.

By Andrew Nikiforuk


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