Why Does The Province's Theatre Critic Use a Fake Name?

And more strange tales from today's blurry frontiers of arts coverage.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Jul 2014

Omar Khadr

Latest to Fall under Harper's Muzzle: Omar Khadr

We'll never know his side of the story, so long as the PM keeps media away.

By Steve Sullivan, 30 Jul 2014


What the Recording Industry Isn't Saying About Streaming Royalties

A campaign to stir up anger over Canadian rates misses a few notes.

By Michael Geist, 29 Jul 2014

Locked box

Supreme Court to Personal Data Plunderers: Get a Warrant!

Ruling strikes blow against warrantless disclosure of web and telecom subscriber info.

By Michael Geist, 22 Jul 2014

Photojournalist Iam Willms

Rising Star: Photojournalist Ian Willms

How a 20-something Torontonian won over international heavyweight media. A Q&A.

By Mark Taylor, 19 Jul 2014

Recent Mediacheck: Computers, Technology, Digital Media, Law and Policy in Canada


Imagining a Klout with Clout

What will it take to accurately measure social influence online?

By Estefania Duran, 17 Jul 2014

TV remote

Why Now Is the CRTC's Make or Break Moment

Regulator's 'future of television' review holds potential for total overhaul.

By Michael Geist, 15 Jul 2014

Ottawa at night

Last Chance for Canadians to Influence Secret Trade Talks?

BC-based web freedom group helps put TPP critics in room with nations' negotiators.

By Bob Mackin, 10 Jul 2014

'TPP Why So Secret?' sign

Why the Secrecy on Canadian Trade Talks?

Because, as leaked documents show, there is something to hide.

By Michael Geist, 8 Jul 2014


The Tyee Is Hiring a New Director of Community Development

Closing date for applications is August 5. Join our team and help us grow!

By Michelle Hoar, 3 Jul 2014

'Keep Calm and Get Consent' sign

Anti-Spam Law: Keep Calm and Get Consent

Why new email marketing rules are causing chaos in your inbox.

By Michael Geist, 1 Jul 2014


BC Wrestles Google over What Appears in Search Results

But how far should a region or country's jurisdiction go?

By Michael Geist, 24 Jun 2014


Canada Stalls on Global Copyright Treaty that Supports the Blind

In digital era, accessibility commitment a 'no-brainer.'

By Michael Geist, 17 Jun 2014


Update: The Tyee Is Hiring a New Editor in Chief

Closing date for applications now set at July 5. Help lead a Canadian media success story.

By David Beers, 17 Jun 2014


Does Your Organization Need a Vision Reboot?

Learn how to lead it this Saturday, a Tyee Master Class with Amanda Gibbs.

By Geoff D'Auria, 16 Jun 2014


Sorry CBC TV, Canada Is a Radio Nation

Save those dwindling taxpayer dimes for a medium that matters.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jun 2014

Youri Chassin and Nicholas Stern

Look Who Financial Post Found to Defend Canada's Gifts to Big Oil

Think tanker scorns IMF, World Bank economists (and my Tyee piece).

By Mitchell Anderson, 13 Jun 2014

Stethoscope on a keyboard

Is Your Data Safe in Canada?

Two changes to the proposed Digital Privacy Act would bring data breach law in step with other nations.

By Michael Geist, 10 Jun 2014


The Lucrative Secrets to Crowdfunding

Expert Ian MacKenzie previews his June 14 Tyee Master Class.

By Ali Cairns, 9 Jun 2014

Steve Anderson

A People's Plea: Don't Spy on Us

Parliament heard this 'crowdsourced' testimony against Bill C-13's attack on citizens' privacy.

By Steve Anderson, 3 Jun 2014

Why Does The Province's Theatre Critic Use a Fake Name?

And more strange tales from today's blurry frontiers of arts coverage.

By Shannon Rupp


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