Phone records

New Law Will Keep Personal Data Sharing out of Court

A law meant to stop online piracy may give companies the power to share subscriber information in secret, without a warrant.

By Michael Geist, 15 Apr 2014

People on computers

Canada's Digital Strategy Lacks Actual Strategy

While there's plenty to brag about, newly-minted Digital Canada 150 report misses the big picture.

By Michael Geist, 8 Apr 2014


News of Guinea Outbreak Should've Gone Viral

Global health community must intervene to help citizens of developing nations get the message.

By Crawford Kilian, 2 Apr 2014

A Tyee Series

A New Story from Attawapiskat

Program trains young journalists in remote First Nation communities to report their community's news.

By Lisa Charleyboy, 2 Apr 2014

Tyee worker with $

Tyee Expands into Medical Marijuana

Why we're betting a newly emerging business sector can save journalism.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Apr 2014

Recent Mediacheck

Satellite dish

Without a Warrant, Companies Hand over Data

Web and phone records disclosed to gov't tens of thousands of times a year with no oversight.

By Michael Geist, 1 Apr 2014


Protect Your Work: Creativity and Digital Law

Martha Rans, expert on copyright, fair dealing, social media, leads Saturday's Tyee Master Class.

By David Beers, 31 Mar 2014

Quebec papers

Why It Matters When Separatist PĂ©ladeau Flexes His Media Baron Muscles

In Quebec, media concentration may threaten Canada's existence.

By Toula Drimonis, 28 Mar 2014


US Still Controls the Web, and Won't Give it Up

Don't be fooled by news it will relinquish control over domain names.

By Michael Geist, 25 Mar 2014


Under Harper, Parliamentary Press Still Waves the White Flag

The last time PM held a press conference worthy of the name was December 2012.

By Andrew Mitrovica, 19 Mar 2014

Cowboy with lasoo

From Lawless Cyberspace to an Internet 'Magna Carta'

The web we want is in reach, but only if we govern it right.

By Michael Geist, 18 Mar 2014

Author Ann Jones

Afghanistan and After

An interview with Ann Jones, a leading authority on violence and its consequences.

By Deborah Campbell, 13 Mar 2014

Cloud download

Don't Put Your Trust in the Cloud

If Canada's government can't muster faith in US cloud computing, why should you?

By Michael Geist, 11 Mar 2014

'Don't Rape' sign

Wente, Kay Are Dangerously Reckless to Deny Rape Culture

Globe and Post columnists add to women's risk with their blame-the-victim views.

By Toula Drimonis and Ethan Cox, 6 Mar 2014

'Talk TV' public consultation

The Future of Television in Canada? More Fees

That is, according to the CRTC's vision. Is it time for regulator to get out of the picture?

By Michael Geist, 4 Mar 2014

Professor Ying Chan

China 2.0: The New Digital Superpower

Tonight: Veteran journalist Ying Chan on business growth, censorship and cyberspying at free event.

By Tyee Staff, 27 Feb 2014

Download button

Scared by a Downloading Lawsuit? It Might Be a Troll

And Canadian court just made it harder for unnecessary copyright suits to launch.

By Michael Geist, 26 Feb 2014

School computers

Budget Tech Goodies: Wider Web Access, Bitcoin Rules, and More

Several new digital policies found in latest budget.

By Michael Geist, 18 Feb 2014

Photojournalist Larry Towell

Veteran Canadian Photojournalist Larry Towell Won't Ever Stop

'I never cared about photography. It's people I care about.' A Q&A.

By Mark Taylor, 13 Feb 2014


Canadian Netflix About to Get Pricier?

Desperate to compete, CanCon producers demand new regulation of Internet giants.

By Michael Geist, 11 Feb 2014

Tyee Multimedia

Record Store Day Dials Up the Crazy

Here are some of the local gems among the wax dross. This Saturday!

By Gregory Adams


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