Telecoms Offer to Build Surveillance Tools into Networks

Nevertheless, gov't still feels the need to legislate interception, docs show.

By Michael Geist, 17 Dec 2014

Andrew Nikiforuk on CBC's The National

Time for 'Adult Discussion' on Canada's Oil Future, Says Tyee's Nikiforuk on CBC

Election preview? Plunging oil prices, Norway's petro-smarts drive debate on The National.

By David Beers, 15 Dec 2014


A Plan to Mend Our Stricken CBC

New governance is the best Rx, but there's more to do as listeners and viewers.

By Nick Fillmore, 11 Dec 2014


Why Canada's Comms Policy Misses the Forest for the Trees

Wireless services, broadband, broadcast TV... why not regulate them together?

By Michael Geist, 10 Dec 2014

The Newsroom

Rape, Trial-by-Media Anxiety and 'The Newsroom'

Goes without saying, but just in case: don't take sexual assault reporting tips from Aaron Sorkin.

By Sarah Berman, 9 Dec 2014

Recent Mediacheck: Computers, Technology, Digital Media, Law and Policy in Canada


A Lonely Labour Reporter's 12 Insights from the BC Fed Convention

A dozen noteworthy tidbits from the sole scribe on the ground.

By Rod Mickleburgh, 6 Dec 2014

Treasury Board president Tony Clement

What Canada's 'Open Government' Hides

A truly open plan would release all the info to which the public is entitled, not only what the feds want us to see.

By Michael Geist, 2 Dec 2014


Uber's Got a Privacy Problem

Car service reportedly coined the term 'God View' for its ability to follow users.

By Michael Geist, 26 Nov 2014

Kirk LaPointe, election night 2014

LaPointe Blames Loss on Vision's Negative Blitz and Media 'Animus'

Writing in Maclean's, ex-editor says biased former employees a factor in defeat.

By David Beers, 21 Nov 2014


In Era of Cuts, a Little CBC Nostalgia

The damage is hard to assess if we can't remember what an extraordinary public broadcaster it once was.

By Crawford Kilian, 20 Nov 2014

CIC draft media request policy

Curse of Alternative Media: 'All Requests Are Not Equal'

Thanks to access to information, a glimpse inside the federal spin doctor machine.

By Sean Holman, 19 Nov 2014


The End of Online Anonymity?

Ontario police and Conservative senator support mandatory identification reforms.

By Michael Geist, 18 Nov 2014

Tyee mobile meta

The Tyee Comes out Once a Week, Right? Um, Way Wrong

And two other myths shattered about how you can get our headlines fresh. Pass it on!

By David Beers, 5 Nov 2014

Mounties in shadow

More Disturbing Questions about Warrantless Data Disclosures

Privacy office finds RCMP keeps poor records on requests for Canadians' personal info.

By Michael Geist, 4 Nov 2014

Tributes left for Cpl. Nathan Cirillo

Why We Need to Resist Quick-Fix Anti-Terrorism Laws

Canada's past teaches knee-jerk responses rarely work.

By Michael Geist, 28 Oct 2014

Word cloud

Ottawa Shooting: News as Immediate, Messy, Public Process

Social media has changed how we know and respond to events.

By Alfred Hermida, 25 Oct 2014

Industry Minister James Moore

Feds Back off Patent Reform, Thanks to Corporate Opposition

Plan to fight innovation-stifling 'patent trolls' chilled after private consultation with companies.

By Michael Geist, 21 Oct 2014

Copyright law book

Who Do Copyright Laws Really Protect?

OpenMedia asked the world. Result: an agenda for creators and free expression.

By Reilly Yeo, 16 Oct 2014

Free Speech

Harper Wants Two Classes of Free Speech

Political attack ads may be noxious, but copyright isn't the right tool to stop them.

By Michael Geist, 14 Oct 2014


Inquest Jury Recommends End to CBSA Outsourcing

The in-custody death of Lucía Vega Jiménez flagged major inadequacies in immigration holding centres. A recap.

By Sarah Berman, 8 Oct 2014

If Oilsands Are No Longer Profitable, What Next?

Plastics, says Alberta money manager who predicted plummeting oil prices. A Tyee interview.

By Geoff Dembicki


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