Rights + Justice


Act on Declaration of Indigenous Rights, It's the Next Step to Reconciliation

MP who helped draft document says no need to fear 'extreme' statements -- but no dodging obligations either.

By Romeo Saganash, Yesterday


Inside SFU's Local Economic Development Lab

Operating in the Downtown Eastside, the aims are engaging and empowering.

By Christopher Cheung, 27 May 2016


Tyee's Andrew MacLeod Wins Social Justice Award

Honours for 'A Better Place on Earth,' chronicling stark BC inequality.

By Robyn Smith, 26 May 2016


More Combat Training for BC's Natural Resource Officers

Ex-VPD officer gets $120,000 contract for use-of-force workshops.

By Bob Mackin, 25 May 2016


A Tyee Series

Are You Blinded by Righteous Anger?

Why advocates are more apt to win if they admit foes aren't evil. From James Hoggan's new book.

By James Hoggan, 25 May 2016


A Tyee Series

'I'm Right and You're an Idiot'

How to detox our democracy. The Tyee talks with author James Hoggan.

By David Beers, 23 May 2016


They Keep Us Safe, but 'Stigma' Is Killing Firefighters, Paramedics and Cops

Emergency first responders hope BC hears their cry for help.

By David P. Ball, 20 May 2016


Major BC Liberal Donor Named in Panama Papers

Haywood Securities listed as a shareholder in firms registered in British Virgin Islands.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 May 2016


Sooke Family Files Human Rights Complaint over Maternity Benefits Clawback

BC gov't deducted mother's EI support from her husband's disability assistance.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 May 2016


Pulling a Threatened Language Back from the Brink

More than cultural pride at stake: knowing their own language can save young indigenous lives.

By Megan Devlin, 14 May 2016


How Maya Angelou Rescued Me

The famed black artist's testimony of pain and pride proved 'we can overcome.'

By Rebecca Carroll, 14 May 2016


Hanging On to Haida: Indian Linguist Shares Tools to Save a Language

SFU course in field linguistics helps Haida words live on.

By Christopher Cheung, 6 May 2016


Workers Must Unite to Fight Global Power, Wealth: Leo Gerard

Top unionist warns TPP threatens 'total domination' unless labour makes its fight international.

By David P. Ball, 5 May 2016


Black Identities Take Centre Stage in DOXA Special Program

Guest curator Rebecca Carroll reflects on her own experience in 'Black Life Is, Ain't and Still Rises.'

By Frederick Blichert, 4 May 2016


That Time Vancouver Led the World in Housing Insight

Why is so little left or remembered from the UN's first-ever Habitat conference?

By David P. Ball, 3 May 2016


Campaigning to Change the World? First, Master Your Frame

This April 30 Master Class is all about making your message stick. Register now.

By  Tyee Staff and Contributors, 25 Apr 2016


Bangladesh Factory Safety Fixes 'Far Behind Schedule': Investors

Garment factory collapse killed 1,134 workers. But some warn progress is too slow.

By David P. Ball, 23 Apr 2016


Bill Honouring Indigenous Rights Gets a Do-Over

Tories killed last attempt to enshrine First Nations' rights in law. Now, a second chance.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Apr 2016


TPP Consultation Turns Away Scores of Lower Mainlanders

Ralliers outside Richmond hearings air their grievances with 12-country trade deal.

By David P. Ball, 19 Apr 2016


NDP Should Forget Leaping and Protests, Just Win Elections

Party should heed Occupy cofounder's new advice: real change requires electoral success.

By Bill Tieleman, 19 Apr 2016