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Rights + Justice


Abandon the Dream Home, This Prof Says. You’ll Be Happier

UBC’s Nathanael Lauster urges city dwellers to shake off their ‘house addiction.’

By Christopher Cheung, 24 Oct 2016


Trudeau Has More Time for China’s Elites than Us, Rights Group Complains

Visiting billionaires club gets more political access, says the org.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today


Why I’m Not Taking the Welfare Food Challenge

With my job and kids, I knew I couldn’t afford to be hungry this week. But I had a choice.

By Trish Garner, 20 Oct 2016


Why Trudeau Must Honour Electoral Reform Promise

Canadians want fairer elections, and proportional representation is the solution, says Fair Vote Canada.

By Kelly Carmichael, 20 Oct 2016


Hurricane Matthew Deals Haiti Its Worst Blow

Time for Canada to come up with new, better ways to help devastated country.

By Crawford Kilian, 19 Oct 2016


Widened Support for Foster Kids Exiting Care Welcome, but Much More Needed: Critic

BC extends program for some youth who ‘age out.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Oct 2016


Women Make Amazing Peacekeepers, and We Need More of Them

With Canada’s defence policy review, we can make it a priority.

By Mobina Jaffer, 17 Oct 2016


‘Stand Up to China on Rights,’ Jan Wong Tells Trudeau

Personal popularity, family name give PM chance to push Beijing on rights and trade, says journalist.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 13 Oct 2016


Caravan Seeks New Deal for Foreign Farm Workers

Harvesting Freedom march marks 50th anniversary of Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program.

By Sophia Reuss, 13 Oct 2016


Life Skills Program for Former Foster Kids Seeks Boost

Seven years in the making, life skills “apprenticeship” program for young women needs $75k to succeed.

By Katie Hyslop, 12 Oct 2016


Citizens Need Protection From SLAPP Suits, Says BCCLA

Companies, government using costly lawsuits to silence critics, say legal experts.

By Judith Lavoie, 11 Oct 2016


The ‘New’ CSIS Brings Secret Police to Canada

Third in a series to help you participate in the federal consultation on national security.

By Micheal Vonn, 10 Oct 2016


Groups File Final Plea to Make Hydro More Affordable for Poor

Anti-poverty coalition suggests ways to give low-income ratepayers a break.

By Andrew MacLeod, 7 Oct 2016


How Are White People Confronting Racism in Canada?

Diverse groups, many based in United States, show how to be involved.

By David Gray-Donald, 5 Oct 2016


Bill C-51: Less Free Speech, Undermines De-radicalization

Second in a series to help you participate in the federal consultation on national security.

By Micheal Vonn, 3 Oct 2016


Who Gets to Die? A New Documentary Asks Hard Questions

CBC explores implications of Canada’s new medical assistance in dying law.

By Frederick Blichert, 30 Sep 2016


In September, Did the Liberals Out-Harper the Conservatives?

On climate, foreign workers, and unions, Trudeau government moves this month have rankled progressives.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 29 Sep 2016


I’m Disabled and City’s Bike Friendly Efforts Don’t Feel Friendly to Me

My car is my mobility aid. But parking spaces I depend on keep disappearing.

By Allison Tom, 29 Sep 2016


How to ‘Stop’ Tent Cities? Help Residents Before Crisis, Mayors Say

At UBCM convention, discussion full of solutions follows housing minister’s question.

By Andrew MacLeod, 28 Sep 2016


How Women Are Pushing Back on Sexual Assault Rulings in Alberta

Recent rash of appeals a sign of diversity at work on the bench, observers say.

By Samantha Power, 27 Sep 2016