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Trudeau, More Dangerous to Environment than Harper?

I suggested it three and a half years ago. Still waiting to be proven wrong.

By Damien Gillis, 2 Dec 2016


Trudeau Just Sacrificed BC for Big Oil

First Nations are owed so much more, and he will soon find that out.

By Judith Sayers, 29 Nov 2016


Trudeau Gov’t Approves Two Major Pipeline Projects, Vows Tanker Ban

On Kinder Morgan, PM says: ‘If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would reject it.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 29 Nov 2016


Trudeau’s Effusive Praise for Castro an Assault on Cubans’ Human Rights

PM is not alone; Canadians — including tourists — are supporting a repressive, brutal dictatorship.

By Bill Tieleman, 29 Nov 2016


The Tyee Is Upping Its Security Game

In preparation for a Trump-led NSA, we’re making our tiny contribution to online security.

By Bryan Carney, 28 Nov 2016


Thinking about Fidel

Castro made revolution cool, and showed two generations of Latin American leaders they didn’t have to be America’s puppets.

By Crawford Kilian, 28 Nov 2016


Federal ‘Cash For Access’ Controversy Reaches into BC

Chinese-Canadian businessman who paid to meet Trudeau contributed more than $10,000 to BC Liberals.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 24 Nov 2016


Hours Left to Tell Liberals to Reverse Harper Attack on Fish Habitat Protection

Consultation offers chance to push for enforcement officers, put teeth back in Fisheries Act.

By Heather Ramsay, 24 Nov 2016


‘It Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test’: Trudeau ‘Cash-for-Access’ Fundraiser Dominates Question Period

Tyee exclusive on pricy event with Chinese business leaders, Globe report sparks controversy.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Nov 2016


Super Hornet Jets for Canada? Tyee Explained Why Five Years Ago

Read the piece that blew Harper’s obsession with F-35s out of the sky.

By David Beers, 22 Nov 2016


NDP’s Challenge: Seize Working Class Anger and Make It Positive, Says Director

Progressives must win back voters hurt by right-wing policies, says Robert Fox.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Nov 2016


Please Advise! What’s a Sane Person to Do in a Trumpian World?

Dr. Steve’s advice for dealing with the next four ugly years.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Nov 2016


The Attention Merchants: A History of Advertising’s Long Grip on Media

Tim Wu’s timely book explains a lot about today’s click-bait and fake news.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Nov 2016


Abandon Your Facebook Feed

Social media divided America, with catastrophic consequences. Now reality itself needs defending.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Nov 2016


Why Is Elite Kellie Leitch Railing against Elites?

It’s odd, since any elected politician is by definition a member of that class.

By Crawford Kilian, 18 Nov 2016


NDP Open to Referendum on Electoral Reform

Nathan Cullen says it’s one way to achieve consensus on special committee reviewing reform.

By BJ Siekierski, 17 Nov 2016


Trudeau Should Forget Infrastructure P3s and Support a People’s Bank

Liberals’ infrastructure plan set to pad corporate profits; Canada Post bank offers a better way.

By Dru Oja Jay, 17 Nov 2016


‘Free Media’: Who’ll Earn More of It in BC’s Election?

Trump’s ability to attract gobs of publicity, despite financial disadvantage, holds lessons for provincial politicians.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 Nov 2016


Making Sense of the Donald Trump Moment: A Tyee Reader

Why? How? And now what? We collected 50 insights and ask you to share your own favourites. (Updated.)

By David Beers and Tyee Staff and Contributors, 15 Nov 2016


Canada’s New Democrats Can Learn from Trump - Or Lose

Trump won because he targeted working class voters. Will NDP finally do the same?

By Bill Tieleman, 15 Nov 2016