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Body Cameras for Police, Urges Ex-MP

Yatim shooting shows officers too easily skew written reports, says Goldring.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Yesterday


Zombie Politics

Korea’s latest horror flick asks whether people eaters can digest a hedge fund manager.

By Dorothy Woodend, Yesterday


Just Say No to Slow Growthers

Why we should demand more from our economy, and government, not less.

By Jim Stanford, 28 Jul 2016


What I Saw at the Republican Convention Protests

Sky spies, edgy police, a flag burned, a house raided, calls for overthrow and apocalypse. Election, US-style.

By John Woodside, 27 Jul 2016


A Coup against President Trump? More Likely a Coup by Him

Ever heard of an ‘autogolpe’? Now is a good time to brush up.

By Crawford Kilian, 25 Jul 2016


Who Knew the Nordics Were Individualist Romantics?

Anu Partanen’s new book challenges ‘socialist nanny state’ stereotypes of her native Finland, and its neighbours.

By Crawford Kilian, 22 Jul 2016


Canada’s Plan to Stop Violence Against Women ‘Has to Come Right about Now’: Minister

Patty Hajdu will spend her summer collecting stories across the country.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Jul 2016


Nuclear Safety Warnings Demand Independent Review: Mulcair

Anonymous letter listing concerns about Canadian nuclear generating stations can’t be ignored, says NDP leader.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 21 Jul 2016


Sea Shepherd ‘Pirates’ to Turn Spotlight on BC Salmon Farms

Biologist Alexandra Morton welcomes conservation society’s support; fish farmers ‘alarmed.’

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 19 Jul 2016


Sunny Ways or Gloomy Days? Checking in on Liberal Promises

Gov’t coming up short on key vows to vets, TFWs, charities, say critics.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 14 Jul 2016


Please Advise: What Should I Expect From Next Week’s GOP Convention?

For the first time, maybe ever, spin-doctor Steve has no idea.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jul 2016


So, Jason Kenney Wants to Save Alberta Now?

His stated aim to 'unite the right' is rather presumptuous. And delusional.

By Michael Harris, 12 Jul 2016


CETA Is a Trade Deal in Trouble

Despite politicians' optimism, Canadian and European pact still faces enormous challenges.

By Michael Geist, 12 Jul 2016


Please Advise! Is the World Voting Its Way to Ruin?

First Trump, now Brexit. Democracy is leading us into a world of madness and lies.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Jul 2016


BC's Lax Investment Rules Endanger Vulnerable Overseas Workers

Chinese capital flight to places like Vancouver creates risk of disaster for hundreds of millions of labourers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jul 2016


Harry Smith: This Is Not the Britain I Fought For

Once united in purpose against terrible threats, my nation dissolved into selfish factions.

By Harry Leslie Smith, 29 Jun 2016


Pit Bull Ban Needed More than Ever as Attacks Escalate

Despite ferocious owner backlash, we need our government to act.

By Bill Tieleman, 28 Jun 2016


How Bernie's Revolution Can Win, Even Without Him

His forces won't fight for anything less than big change.

By Sarah van Gelder, 27 Jun 2016


Vancouver Island Our 11th Province? Why Stop There?

BC's own Brexit? Likely not. Still, secession movements tell us something about the regional mood.

By Crawford Kilian, 25 Jun 2016


Did Band Members Defame a Chief by Saying He Wasn't?

Dispute belies Clark's claim of First Nations support for Skeena River LNG proposal.

By Ian Gill, 24 Jun 2016