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Killed for Following Orders

Last in a series on the fight to jail employers whose workers die preventable deaths on the job.

By Tom Sandborn, 3 Dec 2016


‘Liz Never Needed Fixing. Her Difference Simply Needed a Home’

One dad’s slow journey to understanding disability pride.

By Al Etmanski, 3 Dec 2016

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau, More Dangerous to Environment than Harper?

I suggested it three and a half years ago. Still waiting to be proven wrong.

By Damien Gillis, 2 Dec 2016

A fireball triggered by wood dust build-up engulfs Lakeland Mills sawmill
A Tyee Series

Still No Justice for BC Workers Killed in Twin Mill Blasts

Demands persist for new inquiry into bungled prevention, probe of Babine, Lakeland explosions. Latest in a series.

By Tom Sandborn, 2 Dec 2016

Family of workplace death
A Tyee Series

‘They Ought to Slap the Cuffs on Them’

His son crushed to death on the job, a father demands enforcement of the Westray Act. Latest in series.

By Tom Sandborn, 1 Dec 2016

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Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

It’s an irrational political decision and affront to Canada’s interests.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 30 Nov 2016


Climate Change, Not Spills, the Real Kinder Morgan Disaster

Trudeau’s Orwellian pipeline approval ignores looming threat to our grandchildren.

By Crawford Kilian, 30 Nov 2016

A Tyee Series

‘Kill a Worker, Go to Jail’

The tenacious fight to make, and enforce, a worker safety law with teeth. Latest in a series.

By Tom Sandborn, 30 Nov 2016

Kinder Morgan protester

Trudeau Just Sacrificed BC for Big Oil

First Nations are owed so much more, and he will soon find that out.

By Judith Sayers, 29 Nov 2016

Allen Martin holds a photo of his brother Glenn David Martin
A Tyee Series

The Day the Westray Mine Blew

‘I told him not to go back down’: Horror, heroism recounted by those who were there. Part two of six.

By Tom Sandborn, 29 Nov 2016

Castro cartoon by Greg Perry

Trudeau’s Effusive Praise for Castro an Assault on Cubans’ Human Rights

PM is not alone; Canadians — including tourists — are supporting a repressive, brutal dictatorship.

By Bill Tieleman, 29 Nov 2016

A Tyee Series

Why It’s Still Too Easy to Kill an Employee

Labour’s long fight to hold reckless owners responsible for deadly work conditions. First of six parts.

By Tom Sandborn, 28 Nov 2016


Thinking about Fidel

Castro made revolution cool, and showed two generations of Latin American leaders they didn’t have to be America’s puppets.

By Crawford Kilian, 28 Nov 2016


In Face of Trump, Let Canada Stand for Refugee Inclusion

Let’s take pride in our efforts and expand them, in defiance of fearful rhetoric.

By Amea Wilbur, 26 Nov 2016

Rail disaster dumped wreckage

Hours Left to Tell Liberals to Reverse Harper Attack on Fish Habitat Protection

Consultation offers chance to push for enforcement officers, put teeth back in Fisheries Act.

By Heather Ramsay, 24 Nov 2016


Teaching Reason in Donald Trump’s World

As a former teacher, I agonized after his victory: How to prepare kids for clownish logic?

By Crawford Kilian, 23 Nov 2016

Super Hornet

Super Hornet Jets for Canada? Tyee Explained Why Five Years Ago

Read the piece that blew Harper’s obsession with F-35s out of the sky.

By David Beers, 22 Nov 2016

Anchor Steve Darling

Journalists Jumping to BC Liberal Jobs a Problem for Media Credibility

Media’s corporate donations, reporters-turned-candidates and staff blur line between press and party.

By Bill Tieleman, 22 Nov 2016


Please Advise! What’s a Sane Person to Do in a Trumpian World?

Dr. Steve’s advice for dealing with the next four ugly years.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Nov 2016


Abandon Your Facebook Feed

Social media divided America, with catastrophic consequences. Now reality itself needs defending.

By Mitchell Anderson, 18 Nov 2016

Kinder Morgan Approval Insults Democracy, Science and Economic Logic

It’s an irrational political decision and affront to Canada’s interests.

By Andrew Nikiforuk

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