BC Natural Gas Reserves Inflated, Revenues Overstated, Report Finds

Analyst David Hughes offers another challenge to the province's nascent industry.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 26 May 2015


BC LNG Lost Its Window of Opportunity, Study Finds

Projects unlikely to be economic for another decade: Oxford Institute energy report.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 22 May 2015


Who Is BC's Big LNG Partner? A Petronas Primer

Group led by Malaysia's national oil company aims to build terminal near Prince Rupert.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 21 May 2015


Economist Withdraws from Trans Mountain Review, Calling It 'Rigged'

Robyn Allan no longer involved in NEB review of Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 19 May 2015


The Suits Are Flocking to Renewables

Investors like the 'predictability' of clean energy.

By Richard Littlemore, 18 May 2015


Notley Vows to Work 'Collaboratively' with Energy Industry

'They understand what's in our platform,' new NDP leader says.

By Mackenzie Scrimshaw, 12 May 2015


For Notley, Eight Steps to Reform the Broken Petrostate

It may be tricky to tread, but Alberta's path forward is clear.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 9 May 2015


No Wealth, No Justice in $1 Billion LNG Offer to First Nation Band

Here's why Lax Kw'alaams still side with the salmon.

By Ian Gill, 9 May 2015


Squamish Mayor Says No to LNG Plant, with Strings Attached

Terminal pumped by premier would process up to 2.1 million tonnes of gas a year.

By Bob Mackin, 7 May 2015


Landmark Fracking Case Gets a Supreme Court Hearing

Oil patch consultant Jessica Ernst alleges Alberta has intimidated landowners.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 30 Apr 2015


Mapping BC's Clean Energy Jobs Potential

Renewables: not at all a 'boutique' sector. Click image to view map.

By Judith Sayers and Penelope Comette, 27 Apr 2015


Albertans Have Plenty of Reason to Norwail

Yet right-wing pundits reject comparisons between sensible Norway and the economic disaster of Alberta.

By Mitchell Anderson, 14 Apr 2015


Is Northern Gateway Dead?

One year after pivotal Kitimat vote, grassroots opposition hopes to hobble pipeline project.

By Kai Nagata, 13 Apr 2015


Fracking Increases Radon Gas Hazard, US Study Finds

Levels of the carcinogenic gas rising in Pennsylvanian homes near industry sites.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 13 Apr 2015


Fossil Fuels Drive Rapid Glacier Loss across Western Canada, Study Finds

Melting offers a 'big signal' about the climate, expert says.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 8 Apr 2015


Lawyers Accuse Gas Giant of Deficient Records Filing in Fracking Case

Encana disclosure shows 'disdain for an ordinary Albertan,' claims counsel for Jessica Ernst.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 1 Apr 2015


Why Are Young Workers Shunning the Oilsands?

Millennials more likely to view industry as outdated and polluting.

By Geoff Dembicki, 23 Mar 2015


BC Gov't Ignores Review Panel, Pursues Site C

'I think the province was determined to go ahead with the project from the beginning,' says panel chair.

By Emma Gilchrist, 19 Mar 2015


Court Asked to Intervene over Squamish Denial of Pipeline Drilling Permit

FortisBC line would feed natural gas to proposed Woodfibre LNG plant.

By Bob Mackin, 17 Mar 2015


Tackling Climate Crisis Can Strengthen Democracy and Our Economy

Free market democracies are leading the green innovation charge, says UBC political scientist.

By Max Cameron, 2 Mar 2015