A Tyee Series

'Canada Should Not Be Hostage' to Alberta: Jeremy Rifkin

Oilsands take us backward as rest of world moves forward, says famed futurist and EU advisor.

By Geoff Dembicki, Today


Last Stop for High Profile Fracking Suit: Supreme Court

In striking Ernst appeal, Alberta court wraps blanket of immunity around regulator.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 16 Sep 2014


Site C Review Process Lacked Independence, Says Northern Mayor

Plans to submerge 10,000 hectares of fertile Peace River land continue to spark outrage.

By David P. Ball, 10 Sep 2014


Mine Disaster: Who Will Investigate Gov't Failings?

Mount Polley panel picked to be expert in engineering, not legal, technicalities.

By Rafe Mair, 1 Sep 2014


A Big Summer Story You Missed: Soaring Oil Debt

Returns diminish as energy companies resort to higher-cost, higher-risk hydrocarbons.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 29 Aug 2014


VIEW: Your bi-monthly donation to Imperial Metals

By Jim Quail, 26 Aug 2014


Port Metro Vancouver OKs Massive US Coal Terminal

Lower Mainland transfer facility to export thermal coal to Asia given green light.

By David P. Ball, 21 Aug 2014


Blue-Ribbon Panel to Lead Mount Polley Probe

Engineering experts tasked with uncovering what, or who, caused the spill.

By Bob Mackin, 18 Aug 2014


Joe Oliver's Oil-Fueled Love Song to Europe

Canada's new tune on energy exports: Forget Putin, buy from us!

By Andrea Rexer, 13 Aug 2014


Mount Polley Ex-Engineer Warned Tailings Pond Was 'Getting Large'

But did anyone in the mining ministry pay attention?

By David Schreck, 11 Aug 2014


Files on Bitumen Pollution Stolen from Peace River Activist

Carmen Langer says computer, memory sticks swiped from his home last weekend.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 8 Aug 2014


Ministry slams Imperial Metals with several clean-up conditions

By Emily Fister, 6 Aug 2014


Company's Claims of Clean Tailings 'Misleading': Ex-Employee

Imperial Metals describes substance spilled from dam as 'very close to drinking water.'

By David P. Ball, 6 Aug 2014


Gas Minister's Leaky Well Comments 'Ignorant,' Scientist Says

Cornell engineer takes issue with Coleman's claim that BC is leak-free.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 2 Aug 2014


University Handling Public Fracking Review Tied to Firm Training LNG Workers

Questions about conflict of interest in Nova Scotia.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 1 Aug 2014


New BC gold mine exposes gap in federal oversight

By Chris Wood, 31 Jul 2014


Newfound Threat to Oilsand Projects

TYEE EXCLUSIVE: Researchers discover ancient salt formation key factor in Alberta steam fracking disasters.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 28 Jul 2014


Steam Injection Fracking Caused Major Alberta Bitumen Leak

Review finds fractures spread like cracks on a frozen lake, resulting in uncontrolled seepage.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Jul 2014


VIEW: BC enviro minister wrong on Park Amendment Act

By Peter Wood, 22 Jul 2014


A Tyee Series

What If Canada Exported Clean Energy Instead of Oil?

In Africa, where solar is cheaper than diesel, Quebec's Windiga is doing just that.

By Geoff Dembicki, 21 Jul 2014