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Dementia: Demystifying a Growing Health Crisis


Illustration for The Tyee by Indiana Joel.

Tyee contributing editor Crawford Kilian spends 2019 exploring the issue of dementia and brain health from every angle. The series is made possible by a grant from Bruce and Gail Macdonald. Readers are invited to help by sharing insights, experiences, research and resources. Email your contributions to info (at) thetyee (dot) ca with “dementia” in the subject line.

In This Series



Taking on the Public Health Issue of Dementia

One out of 15 Canadians over 65 live with it. Help The Tyee demystify it.

By Crawford Kilian, 11 Dec 2018



Want to Know More about Dementia? Start Here

‘The End of Memory’ is a solid, clear introduction to a complex condition.

By Crawford Kilian, 16 Jan 2019



A Hidden Nation Cares for Loved Ones with Dementia

Their numbers in Canada top a million. Two share their stories in helpful books.

By Crawford Kilian, 26 Feb 2019



How Can You Avoid Dementia? We Just Don’t Know — So Why Not Try a Healthy Life?

Diving into the research around brain health produces more questions than answers.

By Crawford Kilian, 15 Apr 2019

Beware the ‘Weaponized’ Web, Says Guy Who Helped Elect Trump

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie on Facebook, democracy and hope.

By Zoë Ducklow