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BC’s Big Vote: Your Guide to the Proportional Representation Referendum


Photo: Government of BC.

This fall, British Columbians have the chance to decide how our MLAs and governments are elected. A binding referendum will let us stay with the current system or change to proportional representation.

Advocates on both sides are waging passionate campaigns for and against change. In this series, The Tyee will cut through the spin and give you the facts you need to make an informed choice.

This series by Andrew Seal was supported by the first Merv Adey Memorial Fellowship. Merv Adey was a passionate British Columbian, blogger and regular Tyee commenter. Following his passing in 2017, his family and friends sponsored the fellowship in his name to promote journalistic excellence.

In This Series


Big Vote series header 1

Your Guide to BC’s Proportional Representation Vote: A Tyee Series

Has the pre-referendum spinning left you dizzy? We’ll help you cast an informed ballot.

By Andrew Seal, 8 Oct 2018


First past the post header

First-Past-the-Post: Is It Working for You?

Should we stay with the status quo, or go? Part of a Tyee series on the electoral reform referendum.

By Andrew Seal, 9 Oct 2018



The PR Options: Dual Member Offers Proportional Results, Local MLAs

This made-in-Canada system is one of BC’s three choices. Part of a series.

By Andrew Seal, 10 Oct 2018



The PR Options: Mixed Member Proportional Keeps MLAs Local and Regional

This one follows New Zealand’s lead. Part of a series.

By Andrew Seal, 11 Oct 2018



The PR Options: Rural-Urban Proportional Recognizes Province’s Diversity

Two systems combined in made-in-BC electoral reform solution. Last in a series.

By Andrew Seal, 12 Oct 2018