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The Beautiful Trouble Guide to 2015

St. Louis football 'Hands Up'

Hey all you dreamers, green thinkers and social movement wonks: want to spark something big in 2015?

For any prankster hoping to stir up political trouble in the New Year, The Tyee offers tactical advice contributed by renowned artists and activists like The Yes Men. A series in five parts, excerpted from the web project and book Beautiful Trouble.

In This Series


St. Louis football 'Hands Up'

Beautiful Trouble: Hijack the Mainstream

A trickster's guide to earned media. First in a series on creative activism.

By Patrick Reinsborough, Doyle Canning and David Russell, 1 Jan 2015


'Cacerolazo' protest

Beautiful Trouble: Cook Up a 'Cacerolazo' Ruckus

Make some noise with this recipe from an activist cookbook. Second in a series.

By Stefan Christoff, 2 Jan 2015



Beautiful Trouble: Do the Right Thing (in Enemy Clothing)

Seasoned pranksters dish on 'identity correction' strategy. Third in a series.

By Andy Bichlbaum, 3 Jan 2015



Beautiful Trouble: Make a Mini Utopia

Imagine bluer skies with 'prefigurative intervention.' Fourth in a series.

By Andrew Boyd, 5 Jan 2015



Beautiful Trouble: The Long Road Ahead

Activist toolkit maps your path to victory. Last in a series.

By Nadine Bloch, 8 Jan 2015