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Canada's Temporary Foreign Workers Program: Fixed? Fixable?

Jeremy J. Nuttall, who exposed in The Tyee the illegal practice of recruiters charging international workers to gain entry to Canada's Temporary Foreign Workers Program, carries his investigation forward with funding from Tyee readers. As the Conservative government declared it was reforming the system, Nuttall spent months investigating how workers, imported from countries ranging from the Philippines to Jamaica, are subject to abuse and what it would take to eliminate the practice.

Jeremy J. Nuttall received a Tyee Fellowship for Investigative Reporting, a $5,000 bursary funded by Tyee readers to pursue a major journalism project in the public interest for British Columbians. Nuttall is a senior reporter at 24 hours Vancouver and a Tyee contributor (find his previous stories published on The Tyee here). Nuttall has formerly worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian Press as well as hosting a lifestyle radio program for China Radio International.

In This Series



As Foreign Temp Program Rolls on, Oil Patch Workers Replaced

And more signs reforms fall short. First in a Tyee reader-funded series investigating controversial federal initiative.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 16 Dec 2013



Why 'Abuse' of Temp Foreign Workers Is Hard to Stop

PM Harper has now admitted it happens. What can halt it? Second in a Tyee reader-funded series.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 20 Jan 2014



As Temp Workers Flow from Jamaica, Scammers Swoop

Illegal fees, empty promises. Caribbean victims speak as Tyee reader-funded series continues.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Jan 2014



'Ghosts' Exploit Canada's Foreign Temp Worker Program

Federal fixes can't reach fraudsters cheating applicants of life savings, admit officials.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 3 Feb 2014