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Getting by in the Pricey City

Gucci store, Vancouver

How does an increasingly high cost of living affect Vancouver's working poor?

Students at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism took their lens to the streets to capture different sides of the story in this occasional Tyee series.

In This Series


Eric Howker

'Art as a Means of Survival'

As Gastown pushes out low-income residents, Gallery Gachet remains a creative refuge.

By Carrie Swiggum and Jamie Williams, 16 Jul 2012



When Living is Expensive, Live Collectively

Pay-what-you-can rent and warm meals aplenty at Vancouver's Beehive.

By Farida Hussain, 18 Jul 2012


Angela in her RV

In High Rent Cities, Vehicles Become Homes

To stay in the Vancouver neighbourhood she loves, Angela lives full time in her RV.

By Aleksandra Sagan and Calyn Shaw, 6 Aug 2012