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Reinventing Co-ops for Affordable Housing


Image courtesy of Jordan Oram, who shared this photo of a Victoria, BC, co-op under a Creative Commons license.

As part of its ongoing exploration of affordable housing alternatives, The Tyee and The Tyee Solutions Society invited a panel of co-op housing experts to discuss the question: Could co-op housing be reinvented for the 21st century?

In This Series


Housing co-op in Toronto

Affordable Homes: Is a Co-op in Your Future?

Housing co-operatives used to fill a gap between ownership and rental, but few are built today. How to fix that. First in a series of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 5 Jul 2010


Lore Krill Housing Co-Op

How about Owning Just Part of Your Home?

Shared equity co-ops could give ordinary earners a stake in Vancouver's crazy housing market. Second of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 6 Jul 2010


Manhattan apartment building

Government Money Is There to Revive Co-op Housing

But the province has diverted a key pool of federal funds away from building family housing. Third of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 7 Jul 2010


Residents of the Jackson Ave. co-op

How to Revive Co-ops? Band Them Together

If each co-operative housing project was part of a larger whole, their residents, and finances, would be more secure. Last of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 8 Jul 2010