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Bud Mercer, the Olympics' Top Cop


He was on the frontlines of some of B.C.'s most notorious moments of civil unrest, and now the security of the 2010 Olympic Games -- and the nation's reputation for peace, order and good government -- may well rest on the decisions he makes if tensions arise during the games. Geoff Dembicki of The Tyee and Bob Mackin of 24 Hours Vancouver collaborate on an in-depth four-part series looking at Mercer's controversial past, and present responsibilities.

In This Series



Olympics' Top Cop Helped Blow up Truck at Gustafsen Stand-off

RCMP's Bud Mercer was in the thick of several famous clashes with dissenters. This story, with video of the exploding truck, is first in a series.

By Geoff Dembicki and Bob Mackin, 20 Oct 2009


Bud Mercer in uniform

Olympic Security Chief Likes to 'Be out Front'

In command of 6,000, Bud Mercer will be making decisions under a global microscope.

By Geoff Dembicki and Bob Mackin, 21 Oct 2009



Mercer Blasted APEC Protesters with Pepper Spray

Commission slammed Mounties' hair trigger use of force at 1997 summit. Third in a series profiling the 2010 Olympics' top cop.

By Bob Mackin and Geoff Dembicki, 22 Oct 2009



Mercer Led Raid on 'War in Woods' Tree-Sitters

2010 Games security chief is a veteran of clashes with anti-logging protesters.

By Geoff Dembicki and Bob Mackin, 23 Oct 2009