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How We Are Outsourcing BC

Drawing a straight line in the world of global economics is not easy. Still, there are dots that can be connected. Here are a few. The Telus labour dispute, Filipino call centres, and Bell Canada. Ross Perot and John Kerry. High-tech industries in Brampton, Ontario, and Bangalore, India. And B.C. government outsourcing contracts with Accenture, Maximus, Electronic Data Systems, ISM Canada, and Telus itself.

In This Series



Outsourcing BC

Telus employees aren't the only ones fighting a complex, sometimes brutal battle. First in our four-part series.

By Charles Campbell, 18 Oct 2005



Outsourcing's Great Unknowns

Without basic info and strategy, Canadian governments are ill-equipped to deal with outsourcing's global impact. Third in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 20 Oct 2005



U.S. Outsourcing Millions of Jobs

Even the former Wal-Mart CEO frets about a nation of hamburger slingers. Second in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 19 Oct 2005



BC's Big Outsourcing Bet

Contracting out government jobs while hoping to lure global outsourcing our way. Last in a series.

By Charles Campbell, 21 Oct 2005