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COVID-19: From Canada to Guatemala


As B.C. reopens, the virus grips Guatemala, 5,314 kilometres away, one of many developing nations that send workers to help this province’s future. To highlight the connection, The Tyee presents an occasional series focusing on the pandemic’s effects on Guatemalans here and in their home country.

We have tapped the expertise of TulaSalud, a B.C.-based charitable organization that has supported rural health workers in Guatemala since 2002. TulaSalud is a project of Eric Peterson and Christina Munck, who also founded and run the Hakai Institute here in B.C., and who provide significant funding to The Tyee.

This series, produced under the independent editorial control of the Tyee, draws upon many sources, including those found with the help of TulaSalud.

In This Series



Guatemala, the BC Connection and COVID-19

The Central American nation is far smaller and poorer than Canada, yet we are interdependent. First in a special series on the pandemic there.

Emi Sasagawa, 9 Jun 2020



In Guatemala, the Virus Shows Its Power to Kill Trust

As cases soar, the government faces charges of hiding data, bumbling and worse.

Emi Sasagawa, 3 Jul 2020



The Virus Has Frozen a Generation’s Hopes

In Guatemala, like much of the developing world, youth are forced to cancel dreams to help their families survive.

Emi Sasagawa, 10 Aug 2020



This Is How a Pandemic Buckles a Health System

In developing countries, frontline workers get hit hard. Guatemala is a struggling example. Latest in a series.

Emi Sasagawa, 11 Sep 2020

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Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

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