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What Makes Us Unequal? Three New Insights


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For fall 2014, The Tyee sought out three bright minds immersed in finding solutions to our growing inequality problem. The following Q&As explore barriers faced by precarious workers, mothers and working class students, and the various ways that academic researchers propose to level the playing field.

In This Series



What Makes Us Unequal? Being a Mom

Sylvia Fuller aims to erase 'motherhood penalties.' Second of three new inequality insights.

By Emily Fister, 6 Sep 2014



What Makes Us Unequal? Precarious Jobs

Andrew Longhurst asks why we still treat temp workers as second class. First of three new inequality insights.

By Emily Fister, 30 Aug 2014



What Makes Us Unequal? Class in the Classroom

Wolfgang Lehmann tracks students using higher ed to climb the class ladder. Last of three inequality insights.

By Emily Fister, 20 Sep 2014