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A Better Fix for BC's Outdated Water Act

This four-part series by Randy Christensen warns that British Columbia's government is about to miss a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to properly reform the laws governing the use, distribution and conservation of the province's precious and increasingly stressed water supplies. Christensen is a staff lawyer and water policy specialist at Ecojustice, Canada's leading environmental law charity. Randy is also the author of Waterproof, a series of national report cards on Canada's drinking water standards.

In This Series


Lillooet River

Unpacking BC's Proposed Water Sustainability Act

Updating century-old legislation isn't easy, but we deserve better than what's currently on the table.

By Randy Christensen, 12 Nov 2013



Water in BC: Three Ways to Fix Outdated Law

Province's water is owned by the public, yet that public has no real voice in water governance.

By Randy Christensen, 13 Nov 2013


Leaping salmon

Something Fishy About BC's Proposed Water Act

Water for the oil and gas industry? Absolutely. Water for fish? Maybe.

By Randy Christensen, 14 Nov 2013


Upper Campbell Lake

BC's Ugly Road to Water Scarcity

How our province creates H2O haves and have-nots, a sure path to shrivel.

By Randy Christensen, 15 Nov 2013

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung