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Three Paths to BC 2013 Election Glory

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One election. Three paths. In mid-February, Tyee legislative bureau chief Andrew MacLeod laid out three viable outcomes for the 2013 provincial election. Will Adrian Dix's NDP stampede to victory, as early polls suggest? What would it take for Christy Clark's Liberals to change her party's fortunes? And how might "wild card" independents throw everything into chaos? Check out the stories below.

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Adrian Dix grins, claps

NDP's Path to Big Win

Polls point to a majority, but how large? First of three roadmaps to BC's election day.

By Andrew MacLeod, 11 Feb 2013


Christy Clark at podium, after victory

Clark's Chances: What Would It Take to Win?

As NDP's lead shrinks in some polls, how realistic is a Liberal comeback victory?

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Feb 2013


Vicki Huntington

Wildcard Result for BC Election: Independents Rule

If NDP vs. Liberal race tightens, one scenario gives outsider candidates balance of power.

By Andrew MacLeod, 13 Feb 2013

Your Guide to BC’s Proportional Representation Vote: A Tyee Series

Has the pre-referendum spinning left you dizzy? We’ll help you cast an informed ballot.

By Andrew Seal