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Behind China's Great Green Wall: Risks and Rewards for Canadian Tech Innovators

China smog

Tyee journalist Geoff Dembicki reports from Beijing and Canada on the burgeoning cleantech market in China and why doing business there presents special risks and rewards for Canadian firms. This series, part of which was co-published by the Toronto Star, was produced with the support of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada's media fellowship program.

The series is also part of a larger project, "Canada's Transition to a Better Energy Future," produced by The Tyee in collaboration with Tides Canada Initiatives Society. Funding was provided by Fossil Fuel Development Mitigation Fund of Tides Canada Foundation. All funders sign releases guaranteeing The Tyee full editorial autonomy. Tyee funders and TCI neither influence nor endorse the particular content of Tyee reporting.

In This Series


Beijing traffic photo

Behind China's Green Wall: Special Report

Canada's cleantech innovators must navigate a business culture where potential profits are huge, but so are risks. First in a week-long series.

By Geoff Dembicki, 26 Nov 2012


Chinese map

China's Fast Path to Green Tech

The giant's goals for renewable energy are so huge they are changing the global economic map. Second in a week-long series.

By Geoff Dembicki, 27 Nov 2012



How to Rev up Canada's Cleantech Industry

Innovators here rank well against global competitors, but growth is stunted by Ottawa's priorities, say analysts. Third in a week-long series.

By Geoff Dembicki, 28 Nov 2012


Chinese Canadian flags

Tale of Two Eco-Conflicted Nations: China, Canada

Both countries are booed at climate summits, but guess which rates far higher on 'energy efficiency'? Fourth in a week-long series.

By Geoff Dembicki, 29 Nov 2012


Guangdong Science Center

Planet Saving Brain Power: The Beijing-BC Connection

Can Canadian and Chinese cleantech researchers unite to stave off global warming? At UVic the experiment is underway. Last in a series.

By Geoff Dembicki, 30 Nov 2012