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Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man is a documentary by East Vancouver's Kai Nagata, Evan Crowe, and Candice Vallantin about Matthew Wadsworth. Wadsworth is a Montreal-based Renaissance lute virtuoso who wants to set a record for motorcycle jumping. He also happens to be blind. More on Kai Nagata, The Tyee's writer-in-residence, here.

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Renaissance Man - Part 1 - video thumbnail

Renaissance Man

A blind man wants to set the world record for jumping a motorcycle as a blind man.

Kai Nagata, 1 Dec 2011


Blind man motorcycle jump, Mathew Wadsworth

Renaissance Man, Part 2

In which a blind man nears a record-breaking motorcycle jump and a filmmaker explores the power of 'natural constituencies.'

By Kai Nagata, 29 Dec 2011

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