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Derailed: How BC's Chance for High-Speed Rail Jumped the Tracks


Image by Steve Jurvetson, shared under a Creative Commons license.

Tyee investigative editor Monte Paulsen reveals the real story behind the hype around high-speed rail coming to B.C. Neither U.S. President Obama's rail stimulus plans, nor Washington State's passenger train expansions envision high-speed service to Vancouver after B.C.'s Ministry of Transportation helped turn away potential U.S. funding to improve tracks north of Seattle. Meanwhile, Canada's federal government has blocked B.C. out of high speed rail plans. Can we turn this train around?

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High Speed Rail

The Myth of High-Speed Rail for BC

No key player -- not Obama, Harper, Campbell or Washington State -- is on board with high-speed rail to Vancouver. Part one of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 27 May 2009



Obama's Billions Bypass BC

A decade of disinterest has cost Vancouver passengers the benefit of U.S. billions targeted for track improvements north of Seattle. Second of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 28 May 2009



Ottawa Halts Vancouver Train

As if ignoring high-speed and discouraging US rail investment were not enough, the Harper government now blocks even slow-speed rail. Third of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 29 May 2009


 Fraser River Swing Bridge

Rail Fix: Two Tracks to Langley

If BC is to join the new era of train travel, it must plan for passenger rail on a regional basis, and protect potential new rail corridors. Last of four.

By Monte Paulsen, 1 Jun 2009