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Should Anjali Appadurai Have Been Ousted from the BC NDP Leadership Race?

It’s been a tumultuous couple weeks inside the ranks of the BC NDP.

When John Horgan announced his upcoming retirement as premier, it initially seemed David Eby was the only prospect in line to take the post.

Then former federal NDP candidate Anjali Appadurai joined the race. She worked steadfastly to sign up new party members ahead of an internal leadership vote, with the notable support of Dogwood BC.

Some might say too much support. Chief electoral officer Elizabeth Cull recommended disqualifying her from the race, finding that the Appadurai campaign had “improperly co-ordinated with third parties, particularly the environmental groups Dogwood and, to sign up new members.”

To many, the disparity between the two candidates’ campaign focuses suggests an emerging generational shift in values, with Eby representing the old guard of party politics — an old guard looking to protect their interests — and Appadurai focusing on the climate emergency, from stopping old-growth logging to transitioning away from fossil fuel dependency.

With Appadurai now disqualified and Eby lined up to take the post, we want to ask:

Should Anjali Appadurai have been ousted from the BC NDP leadership race?

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