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Do You Think Canada Should Cut Ties with the Monarchy?

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch in the history of the U.K., has died.

Over the course of her 70-year reign, the Queen became a familiar wallpaper to Canadian national consciousness. Officially our head of state and a striking symbol of our colonial identity, she was also, for many, an increasingly quizzical figurehead. For now, she remains embossed on our coins.

Now that she’s been instantaneously swapped with King Charles III, and the U.K. reckons with the ramifications of what this means for the selfhood of the former empire; Indigenous people and settlers continue to shine light on the context here. Many people in Canada are now saying its officially time to cut ties with the monarchy.

Forty years after the British Parliament officially stopped overseeing our affairs, many say the end should have come much sooner. With this in mind, we want to ask:

Do you think Canada should cut ties with the monarchy?

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