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Daniel Wood

Vancouver’s Daniel Wood is one of Canada’s best-known magazine writers and is the winner of 34 regional, national, or international writing awards. He’s also the author of 14 books. His work as an international journalist has taken him all over the globe. Often, Daniel's stories deal with conflicts around social justice, environmental abuse, urban politics, and the outsider’s role in a doctrinaire world. He has taught writing at Simon Fraser University for 25 years, and is one of the founders both the Western Magazine Awards and the Federation of B.C. Writers. In recognition of his work, the Western Magazine Awards gave him its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000, the only freelance writer that has been presented with that honour.

Stories by Daniel Wood


To Critics, Massey Bridge Is an Environmental and Planning Disaster

And something called the ‘human kebab zone’ is involved. Last of two.

By Daniel Wood, 24 Feb 2017


How BC Taxpayers Ended Up Paying for the $3.5-Billion Massey Bridge

A bridge over troubled waters, indeed. First of two.

By Daniel Wood, 23 Feb 2017


Is this Your Commuting Future?

Inside the bet that a BC-made, single-seat electric car is the next (really) big thing.

By Daniel Wood, 27 Jul 2016


A Chance to Name Vancouver’s Parks for the 99 Per Cent

Historically, naming practices favoured political elites. This time, the public gets a say. Maybe.

By Daniel Wood, 20 Jul 2016


Lawn Gone?

What will it take to mulch our obsession for the perfect patch of ornamental grass?

By Daniel Wood, 6 Apr 2013


Are You Addicted to (Mown) Grass?

TYEE LIST #32: The cure is xeriscaping. But it may take you 12 steps to get there.

By Daniel Wood, 6 Apr 2013


Riddle of the Ancient Asian Mariners

Did they get to these shores well before Europeans? Sorting through clues. Part two.

By Daniel Wood, 4 Apr 2012


Did Ancient Drifters 'Discover' British Columbia?

Legends and bits of evidence tell a story of Asians arriving here long, long ago. Part one of two.

By Daniel Wood, 3 Apr 2012


Right-to-Die: Heading Towards Sue Rodriguez 2

The fight to legalize assisted suicide has sprung to life again, on two key fronts.

By Daniel Wood, 18 Jul 2011


The Fight to Die

Assisted suicide is legal in Holland and Oregon. What's preventing BC from joining them? Second of two.

By Daniel Wood, 13 Jul 2011


'Whose Life Is It?'

Nearly two decades after Sue Rodriguez sought assisted suicide in B.C., the answer remains elusive.

By Daniel Wood, 12 Jul 2011


Chuck Davis's Love Affair with Vancouver

The historian, to be memorialized Saturday, stuffed his pockets, and his mind, with his beloved city's past.

By Daniel Wood, 24 Mar 2011


Idea #3: Embrace the Mediocrity Principle

Admitting we're just specks in the cosmos can help save the planet.

By Daniel Wood, 24 Dec 2008


Cold Reality in the High Arctic

North of Greenland, climate apocalypse glimpsed.

By Daniel Wood, 12 Apr 2007