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Vancouver: Hedge City for Foreign Cash?

Submitted by Tyee Staff, Yesterday

Twenty years ago, geographer David Harvey described London’s redeveloped Docklands as a “landing strip for capital” from investors around the world.

Today, Vancouver has joined London, New York, Sydney and other nodes of a world network of “hedge cities.” Unlike their countries of origin, hedge cities might offer lower investment risk or social and political stability. Capital in hedge cities can also arrive and be withdrawn quickly. Buying offshore real estate is a perfect method of keeping their money safe.

This event at SFU Vancouver, “Mapping the Hedge City: Vancouver and Global Capital”, explores how cities and policies are reshaped by transnational investment. It features a panel discussion, as well a lecture by prominent Vancouver geographer David Ley, the author of Millionaire Migrants, which explores a shift in Pacific migration from poor, working-class individuals to the wealthy, educated elite.


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