Climate Activist Warns Decision Makers Not to Disregard Youth Voice

Submitted by Tyee Staff, 26 May 2016

Nineteen-year-old climate activist Sam Harrison has a message for the leaders of British Columbia and Canada.

"Young people are not as apathetic and disengaged as politicians like to believe we are," he said. "There are a lot of young people out there that are pretty mad. They're pissed, rightfully so, because the people making decisions on climate change are not accounting for our interests."

Our education and youth reporter Katie Hyslop is on a mission. She wants to listen to more young people from across British Columbia like Sam Harrison. Many have voices we rarely get to hear from, and they're the ones who will be living with the consequences of our government's actions.

We've got until Monday, May 30 to raise $25,000 to fund this year-long project and send Katie on the road. Hundreds of Tyee readers have already given. Join them here to help give B.C.'s youth a voice.


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