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Meet These Writers, They're Book People


Illustration by Dorothy Woodend.

We've been speaking to some of Canada's best authors — and are learning a lot from what they've read and inspires them to write.

We've interviewed Two-Spirit Oji-Cree writer Joshua Whitehead, who won the 2021 Canada Reads contest for his novel Jonny Appleseed; Halifax-based, Lagos-born writer Francesca Ekwuyasi on her explorations of queer identity and urban life through fiction; and Vancouver's own Jen Sookfong Lee, who unpacks cultural belonging through prose, from childhood classics to contemporary favourites.

If you're in search of a reading list that explores the world beyond your pandemic locale, explore the stunning fiction that these authors unfurl.

In This Series



Joshua Whitehead Is a Book Person

The Two-Spirit Oji-Cree writer is a freshly-minted Canada Reads finalist. Here, we find out what he reads.

Michelle Cyca, 12 Feb 2021



Francesca Ekwuyasi Is a Book Person

Her debut novel brims with delicious food, erotic longing and profound heartache. As do her bookshelves.

Michelle Cyca, 24 Feb 2021



Jen Sookfong Lee Is a Book Person

The Vancouver author has a trio of new releases on the way, but somehow finds time to read: ‘I like things that are weird.’

Michelle Cyca, 10 Mar 2021



Eden Robinson Is a Book Person

The author is processing the end of ‘Trickster’ but has ideas for the future: ‘I could write a trashy band council romance.’

Michelle Cyca, 23 Mar 2021



Cicely Belle Blain Is a Book Person

The London-born poet and activist makes a case for transporting yourself to another realm.

Michelle Cyca, 27 Apr 2021



Michelle Good Is a Book Person

The author, always an avid writer, found an instant readership when she began publishing in her 60s.

Michelle Cyca, 26 May 2021



Andrea Warner Is a Book Person

The Vancouver-based pop culture critic is all about ‘writing women and people of colour back into history.’ And soap operas.

Michelle Cyca, 23 Jun 2021



Lindsay Wong Is a Book Person

We got the scoop on what the award-winning author is reading (and what ice cream she’d pair it with).

Michelle Cyca, 22 Jul 2021



JB MacKinnon Is a Book Person

The author of 'The Day the World Stops Shopping' rejects breezy takeaways. So what’s he reading?

Michelle Cyca, 9 Sep 2021



Danny Ramadan Is a Book Person

The Syrian Canadian novelist likes a lush setting, dark plot and conflicted characters. And cursing.

Michelle Cyca, 18 Oct 2021



Patricia Massy Is a Book Person

The Indigenous owner of Massy Books says opening a bookstore helped her learn where she came from and showed her where she belongs.

Michelle Cyca, 3 Jan 2022