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Profit Before Patients? The Tyee’s Check Up on Corporate Moves into BC Health Care


Licensed practical nurse Anita Dickson had a firsthand look at corporate-delivered telehealth care. Photo by Jeff Bassett.

For generations, family doctors were at the centre of health care in Canada. They knew their patients and often their children and grandchildren and were a constant in people’s lives. That relationship has unravelled, with some four million Canadians reporting they don’t have a family doctor. And businesses have moved into fill the vacuum, launching projects to replace family doctors with online service and corporate clinics. In this six-part series, Tyee reporter Andrew MacLeod digs into what this means for the health of Canadians — and of our medicare system.

In This Series



Profits Before Patients? The Corporate Push into BC’s Primary Care System

Big business sees opportunity in replacing the family doctor with corporate clinics or virtual care. Advocates see peril. First in a series.

Andrew MacLeod, 7 Sep 2020



Why Are Corporations Moving into Health Care? Doctors Say It’s the System’s Fault

But MDs are regulated and governed by an ethical code. Big Business isn’t, advocates warn.

Andrew MacLeod, 8 Sep 2020


Dr. Baldev Sanghera

What Happens When Health Care Becomes a Stock Market Play?

Well Health is a new kind of health-care company in Canada. But some see big risks. Part of a series.

Andrew MacLeod, 9 Sep 2020



Corporations Want Your Health Records. Who’s Keeping Them Safe?

Big Business has moved into managing patients’ health files, but privacy laws haven’t kept pace, advocates say. Part of a series.

Andrew MacLeod, 10 Sep 2020



How BC Can Fix Primary Health Care, With or Without Corporations

Health Minister Adrian Dix says business can play a role in delivering health services. Not everyone agrees. Part of a series.

Andrew MacLeod, 11 Sep 2020



A Family Doctor’s Prescription for Fixing Primary Care

BC College of Family Physicians’ president Jeanette Boyd on how to improve care and patient outcomes without the risks of corporate medicine.

Andrew MacLeod, 14 Sep 2020