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How Safe Are Canadian Banks?


Downtown Toronto, the epicentre of banking in Canada. Photo by Francisco Diez, Creative Commons licensed.

Canada's economy has been feeling almost festive lately. Not so long ago it was very different, as the world weathered an economic crisis brought on mainly by misconduct in the financial industry. Do better times mean the banks have learned their lessons? Not hardly, veteran investigative journalist Nick Fillmore finds, in this series of investigative reports for The Tyee.

In This Series



Your Bank's Not as Safe as You Think

And the next crash is waiting to happen. First in an occasional series.

By Nick Fillmore, 4 Dec 2013


Occupy protestor

Who's Watching Our Money?

Big banks challenge governments for power and influence. Second in a series.

By Nick Fillmore, 5 Dec 2013



Bad Banks Could Do It Again

Greed and corruption are setting us up for another crash. Part of a series.

By Nick Fillmore, 11 Dec 2013


Wall Street bull

Those Damned Derivatives

How banks play Russian roulette with our financial security. Part of a series.

By Nick Fillmore, 12 Dec 2013



Should Account-holders Pay for High-Flying Bankers' Mistakes?

Harper and Flaherty want to 'bail-in' banks with customers' money. Part of a series.

By Nick Fillmore, 18 Dec 2013



Protect Yourself From Your Bank

From Bitcoins to credit unions, how not to get hosed in the next financial crash. Last in a series.

By Nick Fillmore, 19 Dec 2013

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung