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The Salmon Doctors: Condition Critical

Sockeye Salmon

As the Cohen Commission investigates the fate of B.C.'s fragile sockeye population, The Tyee publishes two excerpts from Jude Isabella's soon-to-be-published Salmon: A Scientific Memoir, a science writer's look at the relationship between salmon and humans. Isabella reports on cutting edge researchers in B.C. attempting to figure out what makes salmon resilient -- and not.

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Fish chasers

The Salmon Doctors

They do heart surgery on sockeye, splash fish to test stress, and more -- all to unlock vital secrets of survival. Part one of two.

By Jude Isabella, 23 Aug 2011


Tim Clark nets a Harrison River sockeye

Sockeye Feel the Heat

Global warming cranks up stress on salmon. Scientists are scrambling to identify what the heat's unleashed. Second in a two-part series.

By Jude Isabella, 24 Aug 2011

Real Cities Give Their People Places to Pee

Public washrooms should be plentiful and accessible, says one scholar. And cities that do flush, flourish.

By Christopher Cheung