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The Salmon Doctors: Condition Critical

Sockeye Salmon

As the Cohen Commission investigates the fate of B.C.'s fragile sockeye population, The Tyee publishes two excerpts from Jude Isabella's soon-to-be-published Salmon: A Scientific Memoir, a science writer's look at the relationship between salmon and humans. Isabella reports on cutting edge researchers in B.C. attempting to figure out what makes salmon resilient -- and not.

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Fish chasers

The Salmon Doctors

They do heart surgery on sockeye, splash fish to test stress, and more -- all to unlock vital secrets of survival. Part one of two.

By Jude Isabella, 23 Aug 2011


Tim Clark nets a Harrison River sockeye

Sockeye Feel the Heat

Global warming cranks up stress on salmon. Scientists are scrambling to identify what the heat's unleashed. Second in a two-part series.

By Jude Isabella, 24 Aug 2011