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Did Olympics Make Vancouver Better?


Photo taken by Michael Francis McCarthy. The original, kindly made available under a Creative Commons license, can be found here.

Two noted urban thinkers, Lance Berelowitz and Matt Hern, conduct a free-wheeling back and forth about the future of their city and the legacy of the 2010 Games. Berelowitz is an urban planner, critic and author of Dream City: Vancouver and the Global Imagination. Hern is a rabble-rouser and author of Common Ground in a Liquid City: Essays in Defense of an Urban Future.

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Did the Olympics Make Vancouver a Better City?

Urban thinkers Lance Berelowitz and Matt Hern debate the 2010 legacy, and what must come next.

By Lance Berelowitz and Matt Hern, 11 Feb 2011


Robson Centre during Olympics, Vancouver

A Year Later, Why Go Downtown?

Hern and Berelowitz continue their back and forth on post-Olympics Vancouver. Today: bike lanes, towers, and more.

By Lance Berelowitz and Matt Hern, 14 Feb 2011


Olympics conversation between Hern and Berelowitz

Did Olympics Shift People's Imagination for Vancouver?

Or was it just hype? What next, mega-city or village life? Our urbanists wrap up their tussle.

By Lance Berelowitz and Matt Hern, 15 Feb 2011