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City Hall for Sale

Tyee investigative editor Monte Paulsen details the skyrocketing cost per vote -- $30 and rising -- spent by parties campaigning in Vancouver municipal elections, and the lax regulations that allow virtually unlimited contributions with little public scrutiny.

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Sam Sullivan (in blue tie at Torino reception)

Vancouver Election Spending Out of Control

Prone to fraud, few limits, and a whopping $30 spent per vote. A Tyee special report.

By Monte Paulsen, 31 Oct 2007


Heather Deal

Vision Pushes Ban on Big Campaign Cash Sources

Council to debate ban on corporate and union donations.

By Monte Paulsen, 1 Nov 2007


Silhouette man with hand up (Stop!)

Whose Cash Backs Your Local Politicians? Don't Ask!

Campaign money info hard to get: study.

By Denisa Gavan-Koop, 2 Nov 2007


Man with bag of money.

Vision Discloses Interim Fundraising

Developers made largest donations, unions gave less than three per cent.

By Monte Paulsen, 14 Nov 2007


Fat Cat

How to Fix Campaign Finance

Banning corporate and union participation is not the answer. Here are five ways to improve B.C.'s municipal elections.

By Denisa Gavan-Koop, 21 Nov 2007