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Will the BC Conservatives’ Surge Last?

The once fledgling BC Conservative party, led by former BC United MLA John Rustad, is surging.

BC United Leader Kevin Falcon has repeatedly dismissed the coming challenge.

“They’re not ready for prime time,’” Falcon told The Tyee last year, predicting the party would lose support over time.

That hasn’t happened yet.

In fact, less than four months away from the next provincial election, a recent Research Co. poll shows BC United and the Conservatives head to head. The NDP still holds a lead, but it’s narrowing. Negotiations for a potential non-competition deal between BC United and the Conservatives fell through in May.

With so much on the line this election, from gender identity rights, to the housing and toxic drug crisis, to soaring inflation, the jury is still out on whether Rustad’s Conservatives will be able to maintain their current levels of support — or if they will fizzle out.

With this in mind, we want to ask:

Will the BC Conservatives’ surge last?

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