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How Do You Feel about the Removal of COVID Restrictions?

Early in March, the B.C. government announced they were removing the provincial mask mandate come March 11. The plan to discontinue use of the BC Vaccine Card is scheduled for April 8. Similar changes to COVID-19 protocols are happening across the country.

After almost a year and a half since the onset of the provincial mask mandate, some are relieved to see it go. But others feel the mandate as well as the vaccine card act more as protections than restrictions. When the mask mandate was briefly lifted last summer, it was reinstated less than eight weeks later as cases climbed rapidly following the emergence of the Delta variant.

Immunocompromised and high-risk people are advised to continue to mask and take necessary measures to protect themselves. But some feel we should continue to follow the established COVID protocols for the well-being of those most at risk.

With this in mind, we want to ask:

How do you feel about the removal of COVID restrictions?

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