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Tyee Poll: What Do You Think of Our New Look?

We’ve been chipping away at our new look behind the scenes, and on Feb. 28, we were proud to announce it alongside our transition to being a non-profit.

You’ll notice some new elements as you navigate around our pages, and we’ve waved goodbye to our long-standing Tyee fish — the namesake long precedes our publication, and we felt it was time to let that fish swim free.

In its place, we’ve created a bold new text-based logo that’s not without its subtle quirks. (That “Y” is a fish tail!). And our fish-inspired lexicon has stuck — we still swim against the current.

We hope the more minimalistic style will make for smoother reading and leave you to focus on what matters to us most: our high-quality, in-depth journalism.

We know change can be a jolt, but with all this in mind, we want to ask:

What do you think of our new look?

* Please note that all poll answers will be publicly viewable, but anonymous.

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