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Tom Hawthorn


Tom Hawthorn is a veteran reporter who lives in Victoria, B.C. He writes a twice-weekly human-interest column for the British Columbia edition of the Globe and Mail. He shares his obsession with sports oddities with Tyee readers whenever he gets a chance.

Reporting Beat: Sports and culture.

Twitter: @tomhawthorn

Website: Tom Hawthorn

Stories by Tom Hawthorn


Rafe Mair Leaves Extraordinary Legacy

Politician, broadcaster, advocate died today at 85.

By Tom Hawthorn, 9 Oct 2017


Trekking 1,400 Kilometres With Two Mules to Celebrate Canada

The story of Ida DeKelver, from ‘The Year Canadians Lost Their Minds and Found Their Country.’

By Tom Hawthorn, 23 May 2017


Fringe Benefits? Fifteen Other BC Parties that Want Your Vote

Examining platforms of the lesser knowns, from the obscure to the possibly genius.

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Apr 2017


The Canadian Boxers Who Thumbed Their Noses at Nazis

Eighty years ago, athletes spurned Hitler by gathering in Barcelona for the ‘People’s Olympics.’

By Tom Hawthorn, 26 Jul 2016


It's a Minority! What the Heck Happens Next?

The most likely scenario explained. (Don't worry, we were puzzled, too.)

By Tom Hawthorn, 17 Oct 2015


The Day Babe Ruth Played in Vancouver's Rain

'If these people can take the weather, so can we,' Ruth told his all-stars. 'We're gonna give 'em a ball game.'

By Tom Hawthorn, 21 Oct 2014


'They Killed My Beautiful Lake'

Skeed Borkowski built his lodge, and life, on Quesnel Lake. Then the Mount Polley dam burst.

By Tom Hawthorn, 19 Aug 2014


Postcard From The Leg'

Wish you were here? Read our reporter's notes from the summer session of the BC Legislature.

By Tom Hawthorn, 1 Aug 2013


Pat Gillick, Baseball's Great Architect

An average player with a brilliant mind, he built some of the best teams in the major leagues.

By Tom Hawthorn, 27 Jul 2013


Victoria's Latest Swing at a Ball Team

Here come the HarbourCats, latest in a long lineage of garden city legends.

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Jun 2013


The Deck that Collapsed a Premier

Glen Clark's neighbourly 'act of folly.' Latest of 'Some Honourable Members' series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 13 May 2013


BC's Fringe Political Parties: Name Your Quest!

From Excalibur party's Arthurian values to Unparty's refusal to adopt any position. A Tyee guide.

By Tom Hawthorn, 11 May 2013


The Day the Mounties Raided the Legislature

Mystery still shrouds BC Rail scandal. Latest in our political history series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 9 May 2013


The Lightning Rod Who Was a Pit Bull

New Dem Moe Sihota kept the press hopping. Latest in our 'Some Honourable Members' series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 7 May 2013


The Liberal Who Failed to Self-Edit

'KootenayBill' Bennett shot from both hips. Our latest 'Honourable Member'.

By Tom Hawthorn, 3 May 2013


The Socred Named Slapsy's Hapless Defeat

How the man tasked with rejuvenating the party went down in sad flames. Latest in 'Some Honourable Members.'

By Tom Hawthorn, 1 May 2013


Conservatives fail to file paperwork for candidates, including former P-C MP

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Apr 2013


VIDEO: 'I won't be bullied' says ousted BC Conservative

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Apr 2013


The Liberal 'Quick Wins' that Were Anything But

'Ethnicgate' made many losers. Tenth in our series on BC political scandals.

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Apr 2013


The NDP Stalwart Who Skimmed from Charities

Under the B, Bingogate. Latest in our 'Some Honourable Members' series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 25 Apr 2013


Stadium games: The politicization of BC Place

By Tom Hawthorn, 24 Apr 2013


The Premier Who Drove Plastered in Paradise

Gordon Campbell went in the tank. Latest in our 'Some Honourable Members' series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 23 Apr 2013


The Night of the Dancing Penis

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Latest in Tyee's political scandal a day series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 19 Apr 2013


The Liberal Love Birds Who Crashed

Gordon Wilson and Judi Tyabji left their spouses, then their party. Latest in our BC scandals series.

By Tom Hawthorn, 17 Apr 2013


Before Jackie Robinson, There Was Jimmy Claxton

Canada's colour line crossing black ballplayer posed as First Nations in 1916.

By Tom Hawthorn, 13 Apr 2013


Doug Christie: The Unauthorized Obituary

The sower of hate pretended to champion free speech. Like hell.

By Tom Hawthorn, 13 Mar 2013


Nat Bailey, Mr. Baseball, We Salute You

Canada's Hall of Fame to induct the White Spot entrepreneur who started with peanuts.

By Tom Hawthorn, 7 Feb 2013


The Millionaire Forgotten By the Stanley Cup

Honour Ken Mallen, whose name was left off the coveted trophy 96 years ago.

By Tom Hawthorn, 8 Jun 2011


A Tip of the Cap to Charlie Metro

He turned the Mounties into winners, batted away baseball's racism, and likely saved a Hall of Famer's career.

By Tom Hawthorn, 6 Apr 2011


A Cigar With the Oldest Living Former Major Leaguer

Nearly 100, Cuban Conrado Marrero hosts his number one fanatico, a visitor from Vancouver.

By Tom Hawthorn, 4 Mar 2011


'Chicks Dig Fur': Living the Sports Mascot Dream

Seamore the Seal is paid to give hugs and rub his belly. Hot work, very hot, if you can get it.

By Tom Hawthorn, 23 Aug 2010


The Knuckleball Princess and Her Sister Slingers

Eri Yoshida made history in Victoria this week, but BC has long been a field of dreams for pro women ball players.

By Tom Hawthorn, 30 Jul 2010


Visiting the Greatest Baseball Player

Who was better than Ruth? 'The Immortal,' but bigotry barred him from playing in the majors.

By Tom Hawthorn, 12 Mar 2010


STV seeks 'someone who can make me feel real'

By Tom Hawthorn, 9 May 2009


Holland's Hero Hurler Hails from White Rock

Meet Leon Boyd, star of the World Baseball Classic.

By Tom Hawthorn, 27 Mar 2009


For Cuba, Second Place Was Triumph

'Baseball is life itself.' And they outplayed the Yanquis.

By Tom Hawthorn, 24 Mar 2006


I'm Lazy, but Aiming High

Seven easy steps to world renown and a cabinet post.

By Tom Hawthorn, 10 Feb 2006


Milking the Election Cow

We might profit from a None-of-the-Above Party.

By Tom Hawthorn, 31 Jan 2006


How Close Was It?

Very close, sliced a certain way. New Democrats shouldn’t rush to blame the Greens, though.

By Tom Hawthorn and Tom Barrett, 19 May 2005


23 Reasons to Miss the Expos

Believe you me, baseball will rue the day it snuffed out the team of Youppi!

By Tom Hawthorn, 7 Apr 2005


The Fringe Festival of Democracy

Here are snapshots of some of the smaller parties seeking your vote.

By Tom Hawthorn, 28 Mar 2005


Fun at the Fringes of Democracy

Among the 46 parties vying for your vote this May 17 are four serious contenders, and a carnival of wannabes and wackadoodles.

By Tom Hawthorn, 28 Mar 2005


The NHL's First Noel

And other hockey pros with special holiday connections.

By Tom Hawthorn, 24 Dec 2004


Other U.S. Losers, Lovable and Not

Americans rejected the retired porn star candidate. No surprise. But why not elect The Good Party?

By Tom Hawthorn, 10 Nov 2004


Tracking the U.S. Election's Late Innings

Stats, polls, spin and everything else you need to stay in the game.

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Oct 2004


The Ones Who Really Elect the President

They're members of the strange electoral college, and could include renegade Richie Robb.

By Tom Hawthorn, 29 Oct 2004


Ichiro's Psychic Tie with Lefty O'Doul

O'Doul predicted the man who tied his hitting feat last night. No wonder the legendary Vancouver skipper is in Japan's Baseball Hall of Fame.

By Tom Hawthorn, 30 Sep 2004


Neil Young Joins a B.C Air War

With Randy Bachman and Barenaked Ladies, the rocker took aim at Crofton's smelly mill - and caught return fire.

By Tom Hawthorn, 24 Sep 2004


Johnson Dispatches His Vancouver Victim

The world champ fights a future movie star, and thanks the racist Canadian who gave him a shot at the title.

By Tom Hawthorn, 19 Aug 2004


When Jack Johnson Fought in Vancouver

The new world boxing champ, black and reviled, couldn't get a room here 95 years ago. Now U.S. luminaries want to restore his honour.

By Tom Hawthorn, 18 Aug 2004


How Close Can It Get?

Extremely close. Consider these famous razor thin votes in B.C. history.

By Tom Hawthorn, 28 Jun 2004


Martin's Strange 'Dream'

The Liberals' hand-picked team for B.C. is proving, like a lot of dreams, confusingly incoherent.

By Tom Hawthorn, 14 Jun 2004


Recalling the Mounties' Major Minor Legend

George Bamberger gave Vancouver an astonishing baseball record and some great sports yarns.

By Tom Hawthorn, 26 Apr 2004


The Cult of Layton

With fire, wit and Village People mustache, Jack Layton is rebranding the NDP wherever he pops up, from a crammed Victoria hall to the Oscars.

By Tom Hawthorn, 8 Mar 2004


Fighting to Join Layton's Army

How much fresh blood does B.C.'s NDP really want? On a wild and wooly night in Victoria, members voted their answer by a razor thin margin.

By Tom Hawthorn, 1 Mar 2004


It Was Almost a Miracle on Ice

Forty years ago this month, Father Bauer's unlikely Vancouver-based hockey team barely lost Olympic gold. The Tyee remembers what history has forgotten.

By Tom Hawthorn, 20 Feb 2004


Glory Once Eluded Them, but Life Has Still Been Kind

Forty years ago, an underdog team of Vancouver-based amateur hockey players were 22 minutes away from an Olympic gold medal. They lost to the powerful Soviets.

By Tom Hawthorn, 18 Feb 2004