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Tim B. Rogers

Tim B. Rogers is a writer, photographer and musician who lives in Victoria, BC. He earned his PhD at the University of Western Ontario and, in 1970, accepted a position at the University of Calgary. Rogers spent more years than he cares to admit as a professor researching and writing in a number of different fields: experimental psychology, folklore, history and theory of science. He also had a stint as an environmental columnist in East Kootenay, B.C. In 2006 he left the U of C to make time for writing a novel (The Mystery of the SS Southern Cross, a work of historical fiction about a shipwreck in 1914 Newfoundland).

Moving to Vancouver Island in 2013, Rogers began to spend increasing amounts of time in the forests surrounding Victoria. Along with his constant walking companion, a spunky Labrador Retriever named Skipper, he slowly began to discover the moods of these spectacular woodlands. Slowly but surely, old passions began to stir. As this bewitchment grew, he began to read and write, trying to capture some of the subtleties of this wondrous place both in words and with his camera. And what lessons these woods are teaching him.

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