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Shannon Daub

Stories by Shannon Daub


Big Oil and Gas Helped Shape BC’s Climate Plan

Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Encana, Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, Suncor, Teck and Woodfibre Energy among the fossil fuel heavyweights invited by the BC government for secret meetings to craft the province’s climate change strategy.

By Shannon Daub and Zoë Yunker, 18 Sep 2017


Ghost Issue? Health Care and the Aged

BC's largest budget expenditure goes to health. Where are the parties?

By Janine Farrell and Shannon Daub, 10 May 2013


VIEW: Coal association gets free pass on election advertising

By Shannon Daub, 9 May 2013


BC Has Plenty of Room to Raise Taxes

Next time someone says we can't, here are debunking facts.

By Shannon Daub, Iglika Ivanova and Seth Klein, 18 Mar 2013


How to Stifle a Vital Public Conversation

BC's Bill 42 election ad law silenced small groups with range of views. Fix it.

By Shannon Daub and Heather Whiteside, 26 Oct 2010