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Patrick M. Condon

Professor Patrick Condon is chair of the urban design program at UBC's School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Stories by Patrick M. Condon


Tax Land to House Vancouver’s Fleeing Middle Class

We don’t have a housing problem, we have a land speculation problem.

By Patrick M. Condon, 1 Sep 2017


Vancouver Fix? Peg Its Minimum Wage to Housing Costs

Instead of wooing tech jobs, support service workers with this ‘Slowest City’ idea.

By David Beers and Patrick M. Condon, 12 Jul 2017


Vancouver, We Need a Lighter Shade of Green

Point Grey Road madness shows need for a cheaper, more collaborative approach to building the ‘Greenest City.’

By Patrick M. Condon, 24 Mar 2017


Fix a ‘Failing’ City, Mayor Robertson? Here’s How

Your call to diversify housing in emptying neighbourhoods lacks one prime ingredient: A citywide plan.

By Patrick M. Condon, 6 Mar 2017


Make Vancouver the World’s Slowest City: A Manifesto

The Greenest Action Plan doesn’t seem to be making Lotus Land happier. Here’s a new vision.

By David Beers and Patrick M. Condon, 9 Dec 2016


How Vancouver’s Housing Segregation Became Policy: A 2040 Look Back

Decades from now, researchers reflect with shock, pity on what led to creation of regional, economically unequal ‘bantustans.’

By Patrick M. Condon, 12 Aug 2016


Why UBC Should Let Way More Students Live on Campus

And why dorm rents the university plans to charge are outrageously high.

By Patrick M. Condon, 24 May 2016


Dear PM: Don't Waste Billions on Bad Transit Projects

Toronto and Vancouver subway wrong for taxpayers, riders and planet.

By Patrick M. Condon, 25 Jan 2016


Just Who Is Vancouver's Top Planner Calling a 'Hater'?

And why is he so mad at the idea of a city-wide plan?

By Patrick M. Condon, 19 Sep 2015


Stop the Dubai-zation of Vancouver

We need a city plan that protects street level texture and involves citizens.

By Patrick M. Condon, 10 Feb 2015


Young Prospects? Vancouver's Wealth Gap Demands a Drastic Move

We must stop how rising house prices are screwing millennials. Here's one way.

By Patrick M. Condon, 20 Oct 2014


Debate: Should Vancouver Change How It Zones Big Projects?

Experts Gordon Price and Patrick Condon spar over good and bad of 'spot zoning.'

By Patrick M. Condon and Gordon Price, 13 Aug 2014


Vancouver's 'Spot Zoning' Is Corrupting Its Soul

No more one-off deals with developers. Invite citizens to help zone the whole city and everyone wins.

By Patrick M. Condon, 14 Jul 2014


Notes on Scot Hein's Quitting Vancouver's Planning Department

An urban design prof passes on Hein's farewell memo, and reads it through a dark lens.

By Patrick M. Condon, 9 May 2014


Whose City Is It, Anyway?

In Vancouver and around the world, middle-class citizens rage against planning that favours profit over people.

By Patrick M. Condon, 26 Aug 2013


Transit Report Forces Vancouver to Ask: How Will We Live?

Why advocating a pricey subway to UBC implies a sterile, steroidal future for the city.

By Patrick M. Condon, 6 Mar 2013


Why Is TransLink's Price for Light Rail Triple What Other Cities Pay?

Arguments for spending billions on SkyTrain along Broadway rest on oddly high estimates for the alternative: light rail.

By Kathryn Mandell and Patrick M. Condon, 28 Nov 2012


The Convenience City Ultimatum

UBC students map their final four big ideas for a sustainable Vancouver by 2050. A series conclusion.

By Patrick M. Condon, 20 Mar 2012


Rules for Protecting our Common Place

What makes residents feel attached to Vancouver? UBC students find 'arterials' key to city's heart.

By Patrick M. Condon, 14 Mar 2012


Vancouver's Demographic Time Bomb

UBC landscape architecture and planning students ponder how to keep the kids, house the old, and share the equity pie.

By Patrick M. Condon, 8 Mar 2012


A City that Runs on Itself

Cut greenhouse gas emissions dramatically? UBC students envision building this into Vancouver's future.

By Patrick M. Condon, 1 Mar 2012


Vancouver in 2050: Transit City

Team of UBC landscape architecture and planning students envision getting around easily, sustainably. Second in a series.

By Patrick M. Condon, 22 Feb 2012


Making Vancouver Work for Everyone

How 17 landscape architecture and planning students at UBC envision a sustainable city by 2050. First in a series.

By Patrick M. Condon, 15 Feb 2012


Seven Rules for Right Here, BC's Lower Mainland

The author of 'Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities' adapts his formula to fit BC's most populous region. Last in a series.

By Patrick M. Condon, 13 Oct 2010


Why Cheaper Streets Are Smarter Streets

Rule 7 for sustainable communities: invest in lighter, greener, cheaper, smarter infrastructure.

By Patrick M. Condon, 7 Oct 2010


When Neighbourhoods Work With Nature

Rule 6 for sustainable communities: Create a linked system of natural areas and parks.

By Patrick M. Condon, 6 Oct 2010


Why 'Illegal' Suites Are Good for the Planet

Rule 5 for sustainable communities: Provide a diversity of housing types.

By Patrick M. Condon, 30 Sep 2010


You Don't Have to Spend Your Life Stuck in Traffic

Rule 4 for sustainable communities: Locate good jobs close to affordable homes.

By Patrick M. Condon, 29 Sep 2010


How to Get People Out of Their Cars

Rule 3 for sustainable communities: Locate commercial services, frequent transit and schools within a five-minute walk.

By Patrick M. Condon, 23 Sep 2010


Cul-de-sacs: Dead Ends in More Ways Than One

Rule 2 for sustainable communities: Design an interconnected street system.

By Patrick M. Condon, 22 Sep 2010


Why a Streetcar Is Something to Be Desired

Rule 1 for sustainable communities: Restore the streetcar city.

By Patrick M. Condon, 16 Sep 2010


Seven Rules for Sustainable Communities

How city design can help save the planet. First in a series from a vital new urban planning handbook.

By Patrick M. Condon, 15 Sep 2010


Vancouver Blows Its Olympic Village Opportunity

Southeast False Creek was to be a world-class showcase of green livability. The dream is about to be sold short.

By Patrick M. Condon, 15 Mar 2004