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Michael Byers

Stories by Michael Byers


Canada Needs Course Change to Build Overdue Ships

Federal government procurement rules for military and Coast Guard are creating a disaster at sea.

By Michael Byers, 28 Dec 2017


Understanding Tom the Wonk

Mulcair's measured calls don't always inspire. But they're true to him.

By Michael Byers, 12 Oct 2015


Victoria's New Heli-Hangar: A Building to Die for?

By trimming safety to speed helicopter delivery, is Harper risking pilots' lives in pursuit of re-election?

By Michael Byers, 4 Dec 2014


Why Canada's Navy Is Stuck with 45-year-old Steamships

HMCS 'Protecteur' that caught fire poses other risks; slow replacement limits where fleet can go.

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 5 Mar 2014


Stephen Harper and the North Pole

Why it's misleading for PM to imply international law will put the Arctic landmark on Canada's map.

By Michael Byers, 24 Dec 2013


New Leadership Needed for BC's NDP: Byers

Dix must step down now to eclipse failure, revive membership, get donations flowing.

By Michael Byers, 15 Jul 2013


Peter MacKay's Submarine Envy

Canada's defence minister has deep issues. Here's how to deal with them.

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 19 Jun 2013


Weaver Wished He'd Been Offered NDP Slot: Byers

Green candidate's recent comments don't square with what he told me months ago.

By Michael Byers, 9 May 2013


Minister at Sea: Peter MacKay's Latest Folly

Pricey, plodding Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships ill-fitted to their planned missions.

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 24 Apr 2013


Peter MacKay: Time to Sex up Your Ride!

Rona Ambrose wants to put you in a lame Cyclone helicopter. Tell her to take off!

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 21 Feb 2013


Mali: Canada's Return to UN Peacekeeping?

If the call comes, it will be a mission tailor-made for our nation and military.

By Michael Byers, 5 Feb 2013


For Search and Rescue, Canadian-made Planes are Better, Cheaper

Why did feds deny our own plane makers a chance to compete for contract?

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 19 Jun 2012


My Cage Fight in Fort McMurray

Alberta invited me to give a talk. Next thing I know, I'm duking it out with the VP of Enbridge Northern Gateway.

By Michael Byers, 9 Mar 2012


View from the Reichstag

In Berlin, I was told German history offers a lesson for Canadian democracy.

By Michael Byers, 26 Jan 2012


Heavy Turbulence for Canada's F-35 Fighters Buy

New factors mean cost may skyrocket. Is this even the right plane for the job?

By Michael Byers and Stewart Webb, 25 Nov 2011


Why I'd Support Thomas Mulcair

The NDP deputy leader is a proven environmentalist, as was Jack Layton.

By Michael Byers, 30 Sep 2011


Overheard: Asia's View of Alberta, Tar Sands and Pipelines

If this insider is right, Gateway is purely a ploy and Canadians are rubes.

By Michael Byers, 16 Aug 2011


Koreans Eye Mackenzie Valley Gas

Short on fuels, their LNG tankers are ready to fetch BC gas. Will they spark a latent NWT gas boom, too?

By Michael Byers, 27 Jun 2011


Libya Resolution a Huge Human Rights Milestone

Three reasons why the UN, with Canadian support, yesterday made history on behalf of humanity.

By Michael Byers, 18 Mar 2011


Why Tamil Boat People Should Be Let into Canada

Remember the Komagata Maru -- and our leaders' recent apologies.

By Michael Byers, 19 Jul 2010


G20 Protests: Is this What Harper Wanted?

PM's disastrous decision to hold the summit in Toronto: a cunning plan?

By Michael Byers, 28 Jun 2010


An Arctic for Everyone

Climate change presents the ultimate collective action problem and, atop the Earth, a prime opportunity.

By Michael Byers, 9 Mar 2010


Brace for the Security Games

To truly keep the peace, police must not overreact if Olympic protesters break the law.

By Michael Byers, 8 Feb 2010


Dear Grads, Help Save Us!

Armed with an Arts degree, you can be a hero.

By Michael Byers, 27 May 2009


Obama's Challenge to Canada

Who's Obama proving to be? A president who sees Canada as a global game changer.

By Michael Byers, 19 Mar 2009


She Fought for Her Husband, Maher Arar

And now that he is free, together, they keep fighting.

By Michael Byers, 11 Feb 2009


The Coalition Deserves to Live

And critics who say the NDP is folding on Afghanistan are wrong.

By Michael Byers, 5 Jan 2009


Happy Birthday, Human Rights

At 60, the history and future of a powerful idea.

By Michael Byers, 10 Dec 2008


The Case for the Coalition

Harper is a dangerous driver, and we're taking away the keys.

By Michael Byers, 3 Dec 2008


Don't Sell Off This Satellite!

Why Canada must hang onto Radarsat-2.

By Michael Byers, 7 Mar 2008


Who Are Great Canadians?

Five people who prove our nation's potential.

By Michael Byers, 26 Sep 2007


How to Strengthen Our Arctic Security

Keep our promises to the Inuit. An Arctic dispatch.

By Michael Byers and Jack Layton, 6 Sep 2007


Protecting Our Water

How to save Canada from bulk exports.

By Michael Byers, 21 Jun 2007


Canadian War Criminals?

Experts want top officials investigated.

By Michael Byers and William A. Schabas, 27 Apr 2007


Torture: Hand Off, Wash Hands

Canada risks war crimes by not tracking prisoners.

By Michael Byers, 12 Dec 2006


Afghanistan: Wrong Mission for Canada

The coolly reasoned case made by a leading expert in international law.

By Michael Byers, 6 Oct 2006


Harper's Unmeasured Support for Israel

Why Canada is wrong to fan the flames.

By Michael Byers, 19 Jul 2006


Foreign Policy: Harper's Downfall?

On Kyoto and Afghanistan, he backed Bush. What if the US attacks Iran?

By Michael Byers, 5 Jun 2006


The Need to Defend Our New Northwest Passage

Harper has made arctic sovereignty a hot button. The stakes for Canada.

By Michael Byers, 30 Jan 2006


Aiding Torture

Our top politicians may have violated international law. Why is that not an election issue?

By Michael Byers, 17 Jan 2006


Canada's Retreat from Laws of War

Why do we still collude with torturers?

By Michael Byers, 15 Nov 2005


Are You a 'Global Citizen'?

Really? What does that mean?

By Michael Byers, 5 Oct 2005