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Jess Housty

Jess Housty

With her Heiltsuk friends and family on the Central Coast of B.C., Jess Housty is a young First Nations leader who's had a view on Canada's national interests through the business end of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

Twitter: @heiltsukvoice

Stories by Jess Housty


‘You’re Not the Indian I Had in Mind’

It’s what I hear all the time from film crews interviewing me. Here’s what I wish they knew beforehand.

By Jess Housty, 11 Aug 2016


Hey John Horgan, Lead Us to Leap

A new generation of social change activists are eager for bold leadership.

By Christine Boyle, Jessie Hemphill, Jess Housty, Eugene Kung and Edith MacHattie, 29 Feb 2016


Why I Stand With the Paiute, Whose Land Is Occupied by Militiamen

If you think the Oregon standoff is a joke, you've never suffered the grief of land theft.

By Jess Housty, 8 Jan 2016


On Family Day, Honouring Missing Daughters

An Indigenous mother-to-be makes a 'space' for those disappeared and murdered.

By Jess Housty, 9 Feb 2015


Journalists: Please Stop Mistaking Aboriginal Ceremony for Spectacle

An otherwise strong CBC story on tourism is marred by badly chosen images.

By Jess Housty, 20 Mar 2014


A Tyee Series

Eight Ways to Take Part in Idle No More

TYEE LIST #30: It's about common goals, not colonial guilt, says one young Heiltsuk woman.

By Jess Housty, 19 Jan 2013